The Gate

Don’t know if it has been mentioned here before but…the new gate between the lower and the old folk was causing chaos yesterday.

One queue for the toilets and tea bar until you get past the corner.

Apparently it’s because so many people used to buy tickets for the lower then sneak into the oap stand.

One or two by me were commenting on that.

I was in the oap stand but on the nearest row to the lower. So I could hear snippets of what people were saying…the word arseholes was said …a lot.

It seemed to take a while for that side of the lower to empty out at the end.

My dad couldn’t get out of the ground at the end and someone had to quote ‘pick the lock’ of the main exit door. There were quite a few trapped in this manner. I’ll get the full picture later in the week. :neutral_face:

I wasn’t impressed either. The queuing system didn’t work and was nearly obstructing toilet access. No doubt a change engineered by the idiots left in undeserved board roles.

Yes was sayng yesterday what a daft idea, that many people forced into the corner gave up at half time going down there and what happened to opening the gate at half time to get to the food counter outside the ground and mental at full time getting out. All it would take is for the stewards to check peoples tickets if they where going into the wrong stand rather than put that up

It’s a good job we won…if it was 0-4 there would have been a riot.

Lots of people that normally spend £10 plus on food/drink spent nothing yesterday cuz with people not being able to get outside to be served at half time, you hadno chance of getting served despite them putting more people in the kiosks. Loads by me complaining about it, whatever they were loosing on the tickets there goanna loose a hell of a lot more of sales now.

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Disappointed to find out this thread isn’t about 1987 low-budget horror movie The Gate…


It was supposed to be but got hijacked


Not bad actually lol.

Suffered in my eyes as I watched on VHS at the same time as Trick or Treat, which had a much better soundtrack.

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About 2 kids accidentally opening a gateway to hell if I remember right. A bit like deciding to buy a ticket for our away cup game against Kings Lynn.


Remember watching this one late night on channel 4 back when I was in primary school. A bunch of us considered ourselves horror movie aficionados and we’d always catch the Friday night movie shown after after The Word. We’d spend all Monday at school talking about them and re-enacting the best scenes. Not sure if we ever dug a massive hole in anyones back garden and let out a bunch of demons though.

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What was that you said about staying on topic? :joy:


Anyway, back on topic. The OTHER gate!


Dodgy boozer in Sutton Coldfield?


The pub in new invention that’s now an indian and a Chinese?

Used to go in the starting gate in little Newport st in town centre before a game - good atmosphere