The Guardian League 2 Preview

Pah, bloody left wing rag :laughing:


Wow we’re either getting carried away, or our squad really is crap.


Bradford won’t get anywhere near the top 7 and neither will Forest Green.

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Think its quite lazy journalism on their part when it comes to our preview to be honest.


The Guardian had up tipped for relegation in Graydon’s first season.

So did I :smiley:

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Nice to see journos have taken time to research before publishing their articles. Tbh I couldn’t care less what the majority of the mainstream press say about L2 as they actually have no idea and rarely watch matches at this level.

I’m hopeful a selection of Wrexham, Stockport, Notts County, Gillingham and Salford don’t hit the ‘expected’ heights that the press and their fans expect them too.

For us, i’ll say the same as last pre-season. Hovering around 10-14 without any looming threat of relegation will be a successful season imo.


Everyone has Wrexham walking the league, but their squad isn’t that good for league 2. I don’t buy into the argument that Mullin will be the divisions Haaland - he’s played plenty of football at this level previously and has only had one good season. Very similar to Dom Telford last season.

Similar arguments can be made for the other “favourites”…

Ash Taylor will see to that.


“I’ve heard of the owner & manager and they get gates of 10k” - Challenging for auto promotion.

“I’ve heard of the manager & some of the players” - Challenging for playoffs.

“I couldn’t name anyone who’s ever played for this club - wait, Paul Merson?” - Threatened with relegation.


Daniel Khaneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow, I think.
That’s a bit heavy for a footy thread, innit?

It also helps explain how Bonser got " well run club," circulating. People who knew nothing about Walsall could pretend they did by repeating a catchy , easily recalled, but false three word phrase. They filled a void with it.

Is that like McDonalds and “We’m lovin’ it”?

I’ve always found it a hard place to go…