The Journey

The Journey begins, hopefully.


It’s already been a bloody marathon for some of us :smile:

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It was a Marathon when I started going and then It changed to Snickers.

I blame Bonser

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Load of nonsense as usual.


I had my tea leave’s red by a gypsy woman who was selling pegs,she said (after quoting me for a new tarmac drive) that I’d be going on a journey, now I know what she meant :thinking:

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Are, on the road to hell with some of this non football we have to endure.

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I suppose incremental progress is being made as per the Boycott mandate. We finished last season 16th. Currently 14th. Another 6 seasons and we will finish in the Top 3

The voice over sounds as enthusiastic for it as me getting up for work at 5.20 a.m …

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We’re on the road to nowhere.

Who thinks this crap up it’s actually embarrassing and leaving the club open to ridicule.

Voice-over lets it down, completely devoid of emotion.

I don’t think it leaves us open to ridicule , lots if not all clubs are doing similar type stuff.
It’s the way it is.

One of my all time favourites :laughing:

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Or we could be a bit more optimistic :grinning:

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You can see what that video wants to be

But it’s not.

Poor visuals. Poor voice over. Poorly produced.

Come on Walsall. I remember that video the old media man made for Preston in the JPT. Under the lights was the music. What a video !

The narrator needs anti-depressants

Maybe he’s been watching the same games as we have :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking forward to the leaking of The Lowdown Files.

The chain of WhatsApp messages between our Board of Directors will reveal the extent of strategic thinking behind what we’ve got to look forward to.

My sources tell me an initial sneak preview has revealed a round-robin exchange of “Happy Christmas everyone, looking forward to January”. Another one that can be revealed is “When shall we repeat the successful deep clean?”.

That’s it for now.

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We seem to have got lost on this journey tbh