The latest non-story to come out of the Banks’s

Just seen a story in the Excuse & Dingle about Liam Roberts saying he is fighting to be No.1 for the Plymouth game. What a load of guff! He’s fighting against a non-league (at best) keeper in Chris Dunn. I’m just waiting for the article about Guthrie fighting to be our first-choice Centre-half - which might be quite easy considering that he is our ONLY centre-half. Meanwhile, another day ticks by without any new signings. This is the worst pre-season for new players I can ever remember. This time last year we had signed Wilson, Tyler Roberts and Ismail on loan - all good additions. This year: f all.

Watching the Ajax game (on YouTube I admit), Dunn looked very good. Commanding the area.In that match I was impressed with the massive improvement in Roberts’ kicking but he still looks like a young lad when commanding the box.

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Yep Dunn was the better keeper at Rushall too. The worst thing for a keeper to be is complacent.

Eight days until the season begins and Goalkeeper is the only position we have any strength in depth or competition for. Lovely stuff.

Not true. There’s plenty of competition for the right centre back spot. Just non of them are actually signed for the club…

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Chris Dunn has done well for me. From what I’ve seen so far, if he got the nod over Roberts I’d have no reason to complain.

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