The Locker

It’s a shame that Davy Jones has passed away, he would have been the ideal act in The Locker


Might be an idea to sort the away bar out next :thinking:

We did sort the Away Bar out, but it got wrecked by Leeds fans during a “friendly”, so there’s probably not much appetite to spend more on it.


We go to plenty of away ends that are just a concrete room with overpriced lager. It is what it is, the away fans are the last (quite rightly in my opinion) priority.



Some of the away facilities we have to deal with are grim, especially at the older grounds, but clubs won’t, and shouldn’t, bother doing them up - what’s the point?

Away fans aren’t going to respect another club and are also not going to come back to sample to facilities, nor are they going to refrain from buying as much beer as they can consume because it’s pisswater, or because it’s out of a can/plastic bottle.


If you get one at all.


Obviously for a fiver they can sample the more salubrious surroundings of the locker.

And I think the economics go something like:-

Match Ticket + Locker = Crewe away ticket price

Which I don’t think is bad especially given the refreshment facilities at Gresty Road.

The fiver becomes prohibitive if it’s not just you. Throw two kids in and it becomes a material upspend to your day out.


I don’t ever recall being bothered about what any away bar looked like. Back in the days when I used to have a drink, I would just be glad they were serving beer. Bristol Rovers had a table like a school fate! Last time I went to Tranmere they were serving cans of lager for a fiver that were just being opened up out of multipacks and hadn’t been near a fridge, which bothered me more than the surroundings.

From memory, the away bar at Bescot isn’t that bad. A bit like the old Bescot Bar but smaller. If we ever did make it back to the Championship, may be worth making it bigger, that’s about it really.


Never go to a Bongo Bingo knight then, and to top it off it’s warm Carslberg :nauseated_face:

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I wont.

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They’re planning a night out at the Newcastle one at work but not sure I’d survive judging by the other nights out with them I’ve had up there :woozy_face: :face_vomiting:

Season ticket holder in the upper

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More NoFo ads

Hope the prices are sensible and not ridiculous.

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That’s going to be subjective.


Presume it’ll be canned and not draught?

Imagine it will be similar to madri price is slightly more
Imported pints from a microbrewery will cost a lot more to produce

It’s on draught as someone asked on Twitter if bottles/cans could be bought as they couldn’t make the opening and NoFo replied it’s only draught for now.

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Bluebird pilsner for me!

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A bit like season tickets. :wink:
Although with regards beer I’m appalled that its no longer 42p a pint for mild, 45p lager or bitter. NB that’s in the lounge 40p and 42p if you wee prepared to slum it in the bar. How can it not still be that much a pint 44 years down the line. I shall be complaining, or only drinking in bars that aren’t my local. :laughing: