The Official Summer Transfer Rumours Thread 2024/25

Could this be all part of the tearing down and rebuilding that ROK mentioned when he was appointed?
Plenty of time before the season starts. I see no reason to panic… yet :face_with_peeking_eye:


3400 posts and we ain’t signed anyone yet. Imagine what’ll happen when we sign a 34 year old RWB released by Harrogate.


When’s Brendan coming back?

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The trouble with all this speculation and with staff leaving who allegedly love the club suggests there’s a financial crisis, and Trivela are being forced to limit wage demands. Could be nonsense of course, but the next couple of weeks should make things clearer. Let’s just wait and see who they recruit before we all jump to conclusions. Would Richard O’Kelly have agreed to take on a key position at the club if it was struggling financially? Unlikely I would have thought.

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@NortonRob I haven’t been as up to date with the board and social media as I am during the season - what is being said about the finances ?

That Sadlers wages take up so much of the playing and coaching budget Trivela are looking at having to liquidate the club, and sell the Poundland to housing developers.


Can’t imagine that the salary of a league 2 goal keeping coach is very lucrative.

Probably just natural that he would look for an alternative.

I think people just look too much into things if Watto has been offered more money elsewhere or a better package I cant fault him and if we cant match it it is what is it. No need for the all the spin we just have to trust the process


Get it right - he’s 35!!:joy:

It’s okay though because Sadler has got Trivela a good deal on the sale! And we can go off and support Bournemouth or Luton.

Getting a little worried now. Two backroom staff members gone. Jackson, Knowles and Foulkes all probably leaving or gone. No new signings.

Not going to get properly worried till start of pre-season - that’s likely end June I guess so 2 and a bit weeks?

What I don’t like the most are the signings other clubs are making - Jacob Bedeau to Notts yesterday and the Gills bringing in Nolan and Rowe.

As it stands we have no goalkeepers and no RWB and we’re short up front too. Hoping for some news this week. UTS


I understand the sentiment and I’d prefer it if we had made some great signings, but there’s no reason to panic at the moment.

We lose the set piece goal advantage, but we have a blank canvas in terms of attacking options. Knowles output was poor last season and his passing accuracy barely better than 50%, so we lose the ball 1 in 2 times he gets it - that won’t help our possession stats.

Smith is a good keeper in terms of potential, but his level last season wasn’t irreplaceable, so while we lose some potential, it’s not like losing Hutch in terms of the impact today.

Foulkes really struggled in the air and that won’t ever change sadly.

The replacements are what matter now. If we improve in these areas, we will look a lot better for it. I’d be more worried if we started next season with largely the same side as this season (goalkeeper, defence, wing backs, midfield, with only the strikers really changing).

I will be worried if Hutch goes though, that alongside the set pieces would mean we are basically starting from scratch in terms of finding the goals needed for promotion. It won’t be easy to replace those goals while tightening up at the back.


Again only rumours. But hearing. Stockport are showing a keen. interest in hutch

Two other clubs. One in our division and one in Leauge 1 have made. Enquiries also but no firm bids as of yet


I thought the whole point of the Trivela era was to keep all the backroom staff and only change the coach :astonished:


And don’t forget. Maximising profits. Via taxation of fans. And commercial streams. To the hilt. To satisfy there investors.

Whilst. The playing side. Is again starved of funds. Nothing changes pal


He’ll be sold mate imo

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Most probably pal

If Hannah is coming back, together with Wacka and Lalkovič it will be a big positive from me


The Hutchinson situation was always going to play out this way, so if I had to choose from selling him for what he’s worth now or being held over a barrel in January because the buying clubs start playing on the fact they can have him for free this time next year I’d rather him go now tbh.


It’sa bit early to say the playing side is being starved of funds.

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