The Official Summer Transfer Rumours Thread 2024/25

32 and done nothing since he left here, plus iirc he seemed to down tools towards the end of his stay here.

No thankyou.


Dirty bastard

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You recall wrong. Hard to fit him in to Keates 4-4-2. There were a fair few Walsall fans moaning and groaning about a player that had probably been the only thing worthwhile going to see for 2 seasons though. The bloke took a pay cut to come and play first team football, 15 goals in his first season and was willing to commit to us and we offered him reduced terms.


He scored at Bradford away to actually seal us staying up (after Northampton) in our penultimate game of that season, so I don’t think ‘downing tools’ is quite fair.

6 years is a long time in football though, and we don’t know how much his sharpness/fitness might have deteriorated. It’s fair to say though that his spell at Walsall was probably his career highlight in terms of consistent performances.

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Replacement for Hutchinson? Or to play alongside Hutch, with Faal upfront on his own?

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Ah! So that’s how you always get what you want in life.

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25 appearances in the Turkish first division 3 years ago. Then 10 league appearances a year later playing in the same team as Mario Balotelli, where he scored a hat trick in a cup game. Then moved to Cyprus last year, but not sure how much he’s played there.

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He wouldn’t be my choice and I doubt he will be Trivela’ s choice either.


Think you will be correct on that one. More chance of signing Lalkovic :wink:

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I’d sign lalkovic

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Even one that was infinitely better that some of our supposed LEAGUE players last season? :wink:

@Killer78 said no chance!

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Bring him home :rofl::rofl:

People said we shouldnt sign him yet we went and signed worse in the end he looked decent in the friendlies he played in


'There’s another Lavery, Shayne, who has been released by Blackpool. An NI international, aged 25, who has had a season troubled by injury (now recovered) and who plays for a godawful manager, Critchley, who chooses to play his best players out of position in a robotic playing style.
I’m not sure if he’d drop a division but he’s a good player. I’d like him here.’

I posted this on the ‘former players thread’. It seems that Port Vale are interested in him, together with Stockport. He’d be a good acquisition.

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He would be those clubs will outpay us Trivela will probably offer 7 magic beans and a packet of Quavers.

And a couple of pints of NoFooo.

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They have the manager aswell to get them up, Paul Cook got them into the league 1 play offs in 14/15 and their decline started after he left.

The good news at least is they’ll be the Stockport but there won’t be a Wrexham this season.

Likes of Franchise, Donny and Bradford will be up there given how they all finished the season but automatic promotion to me isn’t the closed shop it was this season.

There is no excuse not to have a serious top 7 challenge from the start of the season unless of course the wrong players in key positions are signed.


Sarcevic leaving Stockport

I’d have him tomoz, promotion king, 8 goals 7 assists last season. Just the type of players you need to be serious.


Look at anyone released from promotion winners as they will have been part of what we want.