The Official Transfer Rumours Thread - Summer 2020

Likewise. My Blues supporting mate is v surprised they’ve let him come out on loan.


As an side to these almost unprecedented loan deals, as Chunkster so eloquently put it “you wait years for a striker and two turn up at once!”
Was astonished at DC’s comment that “he was not one to make changes for change’s sake” How dare those words come out of his mouth? (the only manager in football history who chooses his team by picking names out of a hat the night before a match!) Blimey, that’s a bit like saying that I’m not a miserable owd fart!!


FTFY :smile:


Shouldn’t be too much expectation placed on these young lads.

Blues guy is only 18 and was loaned out to Bromsgrove a while ago and only made 1 appearance (although seems he was only 16 at the time so perhaps more of a work experience loan).

Scrimshaw was at Eastleigh last year, 9 games no goals

Think of how raw Adebayo was 12 months back and he’d already had 5 loan spells before joining including 3 in football league so really not expecting much from these two bar providing cover for Ade and Lavs who will hopefully both stay fit for next 2 months.

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Pretty sure I read somewhere that Scrimshaw scored 48 goals in a season for Isle of Wight and that’s where Bournemouth spotted him

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In an ideal world you’d be getting someone experienced on loan at league 2 level as Ade was this time last year. Going back a few years Tyler Roberts already had two league one loan spells before turning up and he did alright, same for Agyei.

Youth football is miles off competitive league games as we saw with Shaibu in that season and to lesser extent seemingly Jack Nolan is going the same way.

However I actually didn’t expect anyone in today and in these times we can’t expect proven quality as that costs money and the squad is decent as it is so hopefully one of them will be a nice surprise and chip in with a few goals.

Are they here for the season or just up to January?

Jim Sackwasher
An aged ogre


Getting two strikers on loan for free is good business by the club, these lads may take some time to blend in or may be goal machines…would that be nice. Time will tell of course.

Vital that we keep ade and lavs fit now . But good business today as we have fresh legs from the bench to give those 2 a rest if needed for the last 10-15 minutes of games.

Ideal signings for no money.

League is largely crap so if they have a spark of ability they’ll do us fine.

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January i think I read.

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Or moaning old git!!

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Boring old obsessions, don’t let innuendo rule your lives.

I agree, they’re more here to make up numbers so that we’re not completely down to the bare bones already at this stage. However, I do hope they add some spark otherwise I’d rather we stick one of our kids on the bench.

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I maybe out of step with others’ posts here, but if these guys are supposed to be filling in for the loss of Gordon, then they need to be ready to step in now. Comparisons with Adebayo seem a bit puzzling as he was pretty ■■■■ / didn’t play that much for the first few months, so had he been a loan up until January, would have not been much of an addition.

I’m hoping these guys can at the very least compete for a place in the team / off the bench from day 1 if we seriously want to push to get out of this league. Otherwise what is the point of signing them?

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Jamie proctor signs for Newport on loan …

Think this Scrimshaw guy will find it tough to adapt to life up North (to him) the rest of the squad will have to rally round to make life more bearable.
Think they are both only fillers-in as a last resort only.
Lavery will have to step up to the mark and start scoring goals instead of making missing opportunities into an art form.

Both players have been signed to bolster the numbers nothing more , guessing neither were ever on DC’s radar at any point.

Huge respect to both Blues and Bournemouth mind, fantastic gesture :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Why though?

We have no money and we’re never in the market for players.

These are freebies , either they will work or we won’t see either. I have a feeling the Bournemouth lad may be useful. The lad from Blues looks a little young.

Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.