The Official Transfer Rumours Thread - Summer 2020

I agree that increasing the wage bill was going to be a non starter at this time, but can’t see the point of short term passengers.
I’m hoping that they will get involved and contribute as losing Josh for a couple of months is a big blow.

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Two players for free is a great thing in a position we are weak in, with Josh injured and with our income devastated. Not sure what’s not to like really.


Just as an addendum to these signings- it’s widely touted that the existing playing staff have an agreed to an easement in wages, so the club bringing in anyone they had to shell out any extra money to pay would- quite rightly- have not sat very well the existing players, and potentially upset the apple cart.

If you were looking at players that were guaranteed to hit the ground running in League Two, Jordy Hiwula is still unattached, but he wasn’t coming for free. Such a move would’ve done more harm than good, overall. Clarke & WFC have unquestionably handled things correctly, for me.


Ade and Lavery will fill the loss of Gordon next two months, they are the senior strikers after all in the squad.

I mentioned Ade as that was my point, he’d had loans at Swindon and Cheltenham in previous seasons yet still struggled playing so not sure why one player who is 18 and just had a loan at Bromsgrove and the other failing to score at Eastleigh last season in non league are going to hit the ground running more than Ade last season.

Other option is for DC to change formation to 4-3-3 and bring in Bates or Sinclair but that would push Holden out wide again which wouldn’t be ideal.

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Did think about him when I saw they’d got him but if you look at his scoring record in last 5 years it’s pretty s***, averages about 5 a season.

One to watch for January perhaps is Cameron Archer who Villa loaned out to Solihull until January. Already scored two for them last weekend so one who’s local and will move up to league football before too long. He went to school in Walsall.


Therefore the point of these two is? I’d be surprised if they are not involved in games.

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Just options on the bench.

If Lavs pulls up injured today then you have just one senior striker available with nothing on the bench for possibly a few weeks and that’s pretty insane way of doing things given all the fixture congestion this season.

Don’t really know who is the hotshot in the Yoofs now given Candlin has been the eternal hope for last 5 years.

These two I doubt will be thrown in straight away, probably just 5 minutes here and there but you’d like to think they’d pick up the pace of senior football in training and by December both will be ready to contribute as they’ll both be needed in that month.

Think back to Sawyers when he came in. Just warmed the bench for run of 12/13 but he got used to the way things were done without any pressure and quickly hit his stride in 13/14 and became a key player.


Yeah, I agree. I expect to see them playing some part in the next few weeks.

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Although the whole scenario is a byproduct of Covid, the fact that games are still being played behind closed doors could do these lads some good. If they come in and don’t start performing straight away and the teams form dips, no doubt the boo boys would be out. Given that we won’t be allowed in for some time it seems, the two youngsters will probably be spared of this and take that extra pressure off them


Now we’ve got Jake Scrimshaw & Adan George. Good bit of business considering the current striker situation?

Give 'im a pint of Highgate. He’ll buy a house here, then :smile:

Jordi Hiwula has signed for Portsmouth

Thats four of our playoff season squad for them now isn’t it… Downing, MacGillivray, Hiwula and Bryn Morris (he seems to have been decent after barely getting a look in here).

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Pring to also at Pompey…