The position known as

Following on from the wanderings on nicknames a trip down memory lane for us oldies and a lesson for the youngsters. The team that basically won the 4th Division in 1960 was

Goalkeeper aka custodian John Christie
Right Full Back Harry Haddington
Left Full Back Bill Gutteridge
Right Wing Half Peter Billingham
Centre Half Albert Mcpherson
Left Wing Half Tim Rawlings
Outside Right Colin Askey
Inside Right Roy Faulkner
Centre Forward Tony Richards
Inside Left or Schemer Ken Hodgkisson
Outside Left Colin Taylor.

Substitute. What is one of those?

Any other offerrings for position names?

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Sweeper (libero).

Two additions from me Jimmy Dudley was signed half way through the season and became our regular right half and John Davies played more than Askey on the right wing. Davies was a tall rather robust winger who nodded in a few goals at the far post. Askey,of course, played a much more prominent role the following season when we won the 3rd Division.Davies left us to become a copper if my memory is correct.
The team that won the 3rd division was somewhat different…Palin and Sharples replacing the full backs, the introduction of Ken Hill to replace Rawlings and ,of course, the key signing of Tommy Wilson. Bill Moore and his staff certainly knew how to build a team and the great Ron Jukes was in the background constantly finding local talent.

I should add the system was basically 4-2-4 with Rawlings as the defensive wing half and Hodgkisson as the deep lying inside forward.

Post was mainly about positions but Billingham Rawlings and Dudley shared out right and left half playing 87 out of possible 92. The rest made up of Ken Hill Stan Jones and even Albert Mac. Used Askey because he played and scored on the never to be forgotten night at Salop.

The following season of course re Askey but think he was also in the team at the end of 59/60.


Trequartista, Paul Merson

Thinking back to when I was a nipper and hearing Hugh Johns (the man with the biggest hands in football) saying about Willie Carr/Colin Suggett/Bobby Hope/George Eastham/Danny Hegan “what a skilful little schemer he is”.
There also used to be talk of a “linkman” which I suppose would equate to your “box to box midfielder” in the modern game, although I might be wrong about that.

I don’t know whether three quarts were enough for Merse, that was his problem. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beers: :tumbler_glass: :beverage_box: :clinking_glasses:


The Water Carrier, Vinny Samways

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Looking at my own info on this thread re 59/60 the 60th anniversary of our first title seems to have passed by without any commemoration. Promotion was assured I think with a 4-2 win at Oldham on April 12th. This was followed by a 3-2 home defeat to who else but Gillingham and a 2-1 loss at Notts County on Easter Monday. We then drew 1-1 at home with Notts the following day. Yes it was the following day-it happened back then. After that the season finished with 4 away games but not sure if the title was won with a 3-2 at Barrow or 2-0 at Aldershot. Can someone confirm.
Apart from playing on consecutive days the Supporters’ club notes for the first home game next season refers to a testimonial fund presenting cheques to Tony Richards Bill Gutteridge and Albert Macpherson for the sum of £200 each.

Highlighting something else that has changed in the game. Worth about 4-4.5k today so still not a lot.

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Apart from goalkeeper all the Wiki entries seem to just say defender, midfielder or forward now.

Our memories are a bit out. We didn’t win the 3rd Division in 60/61 Bury did and it was their first title like ours the season before.

Duff info re Bury they won the original Division 2 in 1894/5.

Whereas a certain Walsall Town Swifts finished 3rd from bottom and resigned.

Yes we finished second but we beat them twice…4-3 away and 1-0 at home. The goal at home scored by Richards was special. Taylor took a left wing corner low towards the edge of the six yard box…looked poor until Richards met it with a flying header inches off the floor and sent the ball at pace into the far corner. Wonderful stuff…not sure whether it was planned or a fluke though.
The 4-3 away win came 3 days later on Boxing Day. I was at the Wolves that day(shameful I know) watching them beat Pompey 7-1 (Deeley3) and when the half times scores were put up were winning 4-0 at Bury. When I got home I was shocked we had allowed them a sniff by conceding 3 goals.

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Tony scored a few of those.

The centre forward (not the captain), was often referred to as the ‘Leader’ in match reports. Walsall Leader Tommy Wilson or Walsall Leader Tony Richards etc. At the start of the 2019 - 2020 season Rory Gaffney was our Leader…