The positive thread

The window has closed and we have our squad now (batting unattached players) until January. So to try and show why we can be optimistic what would you do if you were Clarke to get our attacking mojo going?

Personally adopting the 4-2-3-1 where we can utilise Gordon and Adebayo as well as Holden and McDonald as the wide forwards and use Lavary and Gaffney as the out and out striker could give us the creative spark we need. Doing this also means missing out on a winger isn’t as bad as it would be in a 4 man midfield and it makes use of the two defensive midfielders to shield the back line whilst closing the gap to the forwards which has been present so far.

So what would you all do between now and Jan to try and freshen our attacking impetus up?

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442 seemed ok on Saturday. I’d stick with it for a few games and see if it can change our fortune.

Gaffney and Lavery seem like our best partnership on paper as Adebayo and Gordon aren’t firing at all.

I don’t think we’re too far off.


We looked better going forward Saturday so I wouldn’t change much from that.
All talk of play offs or promotion needs to be banned though if we’re to stay positive. Let’s be realistic. We’re a 10th to 16th placed side.


I’m hoping for promotion or the play offs :grinning:

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. Holden looked lively Saturday
. Lavery now has 3 goals for the season
.Gaffney salford fans are gutted hes gone could end end up being just what we are looking for


Guthrie back in the team is also a positive. Abit more of an experienced head in the middle with a better passing range.


I’m positive.

As I said on another thread…

Have people been forgetting we can still sign players who are unattached ?


Im positive as i really think Rory Gaffney will make an impact and is a real acquisition for us

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Aslong as he can hold the ball up and be mobile, then he only needs to better at shooting and he’s already an upgrade over Adebayo :grin:

I think him and Lavery together is more than good enough for this level.


I was pleasantly surprised by Liddle’s long range passing on Saturday and would like to see him play his part in a 3 man defence away from home.

My positives
1 It can only get better
2 I think DC is the best man for the job
3 on paper we have a decent squad, and although they lack a bit of quality, I haven’t yet seen any one of them give less than 100%
4 I wasn’t one of the 450 :joy::wink:


Oddly, I think a fully fit Kory Roberts playing at right back, would really help the team dynamic. Clarke back in the middle.

I actually thought Liddle did okay on Saturday, he looked for a pass forward (at times) and wasn’t afraid to try, even though it failed on occasion. Did any of his errors lead to a Grimsby chance? You can see he’s vocal, which for all their positives Sinclair and Kins don’t appear to be.

I think 4-3-3, or 4-3-2-1 may be our best bet. Any combination of the front 2 haven’t shown signs of really gelling yet, and Adebayo ducks a cross in any case, Gaffney may change that I suppose. Even Gordon and Adebayo as the wider options in the front three could work.

In any case or combo I’d be encouraging the wide two to be joining the striker, as well as one of the middle 3 always looking to get beyond the opposition’s backline.


This might be wrong, but I think Clarke may have used Gaffney as a wide forward at Rovers on occasion.

I think 4-3-3 with Lavery, Gaffney and Holden as the front three could be quite exciting, and then a combination of Guthrie, Liddle, Kinsella, Sinclair, Hardy depending on the circumstances.

I would like to see us try 433. Adebayo would be effective wide in my opinion.


Agree with this - certainly looked stronger attacking last game with the change of formation

I wasn’t sure which thread to post this on, but since most of them lately seem to veer off into exactly the same territory, this is probably as good as any.

For 4 seasons Fernando Torres was banging them in for fun at Liverpool - his strike rate was better than 1 goal every 2 games (81 in 142). That tempted Chelsea to shell out what was the record fee for a Premiership player at that time in order to take him to Stamford Bridge - where he scored just 1 goal in 18 over the reminder of that season. He did improve a bit after that, but he never quite recaptured the goalscoring form he’d enjoyed at Anfield.

Liverpool spent part of the money they received from Chelsea on luring Toon hero Andy Carroll from Newcastle where he was in a similar vein of form to Torres (better than 1 in 3) - but he also suffered the same crash (11 from 58 was his total over his 1 1/2 seasons with the Reds).

MORAL: Buying “proven” goal scorers doesn’t mean they will score goals for you. To put that into a Walsall context - Dale Banton and Andreas Makris! :scream:

Another Saddlers example (as he’s been mentioned in another thread) is Colin Taylor. Relatively prolific (especially for a winger) in 3 separate spells with us but didn’t make the grade wen he chanced his arm with Newcastle or Crystal Palace in between. Oh, and we originally picked him up as an unproven youngster from non-league Stourbridge.

Another unproven player we picked up in that era had failed to make an impact at Birmingham City as a youth player - but we took a punt on him and he became our record league goalscorer. Step forward Tony Richards.

A few years later Alan Buckley was failing to set the world on fire at Forest who were glad to offload him to us - where he quickly gained the legend status which remains to this day. More recently Tom Bradshaw had shown some promise at Shrewsbury but wasn’t exactly prolific and was struggling to even get into their team when he accepted Dean Smith’s invitation to move to us - and then scored 20+ in 2 consecutive seasons for us.

MORAL: Previous form is no indication of future form - it’s all a question of fitting into a team/system that plays to your strengths. Why do you need to sign a big tent if an awning will do just as good, if not better, a job?

I’ve seen on another thread about comparing our squad to others in League 2 “on paper”. Was it Clough or Shankly who said “Football isn’t played on paper”?

I’m not glossing over the start we’ve made, but we all knew DC was a tinkerer between and even within games. It looks to me that he is still experimenting with personnel and formations, testing who plays better with who and which ones he can’t play together, and will need that full 10 games he asked for before he knows what his preferred starting XI and system will be for the next block of games. There are signs that the players who missed the full pre-season are getting a bit more match fit, and overall the squad is starting to gel.

Not being a millennial “I want it now if not sooner!”, I am prepared to give him that breathing space. Some things are slow burners and chopping and changing managers every 5 minutes is more likely to get you relegated than promoted. And we are more likely to do well if we’re all on the same side rather than fighting with each other like a pack of politicians.


Excellent post :clap:

And for good measure, if we can win two games we’ll be right up the table at this stage.

That’s far too well reasoned and totally unacceptable, how can anyone argue with that?! :grin:

My positive (in the vein of chunkster) is that I’ll be doing a world of good for the environment by not frequenting the M1 and M6 until the lads have found their hair gel or whatever it is folk are talking about.

Back at the Bescot soon (hopefully) UTS!

Hey guys, I’ve just literally joined and just wanted to put my input so far this season. From what I’ve seen of the team is that we do have a good team of players but we just haven’t gelled yet. We aren’t getting outplayed by teams from what I’ve seen for most of the games especially forest green we just needed a decent finisher to put the ball into the net. I was abit frustrated with us not signing a winger this week as it seemed Clarke was 100% positive he had one in the bag, but we haven’t so we move on and get behind the lads. This season so far is a positive considering Pomlett has taken over and we have no bonser, people tend to forget that this time last season we were 6th and look what happened??? And just because we’re low down the league doesn’t mean we can’t still go up, I feel Clarke is a quality manager and he wants it just as much as the fans do, you only have to see how passionate he gets on the sidelines to believe he wants it just as much as is fans. We have a good team and the results will turn cus we have players that want to play for Walsall unlike last season. It’s nice to actually go and watch Walsall knowing we don’t have a chairman that don’t want to leach the club, that In itself is a massive positive all round.