The positive thread

Something to be positive. 11 of the 24 clubs who were in Division 4 last time we were here are now in the national league or lower. A case of for the grace of the giant saddler in the sky goes I.


I am still very positive, I said before the season started that we would be there or there abouts before the season started, even after some woeful pre season.
However, until we can start to put the ball in the net we are snookered, no matter how well a team play, as has been evident on a few occasions so far, if the opposition put the ball in the net, and we can’t, we will continue to lose matches.
I do hope Gaffney proves that we ARE capable of scoring goals from open play, if we continue on our current path we are in for a very long season, we are already cut adrift somewhat, so a climb up the table will be a long slow process but I think we can do it.
Just score some goals lads!

I am firmly of the belief that our squad will gel and we will have a great season. Promotion would be great but after 30 years of being totally pimped it will take time to recover, not to mention our landlord continues to rape us, so if we don’t go up I am not going to be a total melt. We need to flush him out of the system and stick together. The good times are just around the corner, and, as The Woodentops sang in 1984, it will come…


I think Jack Rose might have given Clarke something to think about with his performance last night. Not loads to do in terms of shot stopping, but collected crosses well and his distribution both with his feet and throwing is excellent.

Makes a difference to have a ‘keeper who you know won’t just gift possession back to the opposition.

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A positive note on the positive thread… just listened to pre match interview with DC who says Kory had 60 minutes in a behind closed doors friendly with the Villa this week.

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That’s great news.

Good to hear.

What’s he like on the wing?

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