The Poundland Bescot Stadium now exists in PES 2021!

Hi folks,

So, a couple of months ago, I contacted a modder known as ianscott42 in the PES 2021 (PC) community about potentially building Walsall’s stadium for use in the game. To my surprise he said “yes”, and he’s spent the past few weeks putting it together.

The final design is absolutely incredible, as you can see in the screenshots.

If you want to use this yourself, you can download it from the link on Evo-Web below, but you’ll need to know the basics of modding PES 2021 first. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy PES 2021 for PC, so you’ll need to own it already.


Hope you find this as cool as I do! :sweat_smile:


I love that, wish Fifa had the same sort of customization available :smile:

Haven’t played computer games on a console since around the late 00s but that looks great fair play.

Looks brilliant, wish it was for the PS4 though!

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Done a great job of that!

Makes our pitch look massive!!

Great work. Full house too!

In the infamous words of U2 “Even better than the real thing”

Could you ask him to remove those annoying stanchions in the 2 side stands ?

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Is there over soil heating for the winter?

And a sprinkler system?

He’s missed out the corner kiosks and queues running down past the seating!!