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The Protests


I think in the best interest,s of honesty and transparency. Not that some of you are unaware anyway that I am in fact Olly

I read the post,s on here and am in full agreement with your protest,s but Havant offered up any ideas as It,s plain to see that it would of upset a few and did not want it to de rail the momentum. You all where gathering

Having said that I am willing to stand side by side with any fan regardless of a differing opinion,s in order to force change, or a change in the operating philosophy of the club at the very least

Ref last protest,s I would like to point out that it was not a one man crusade , or a vanity excercise as some have stated, but a genuine attempt to force change, from a fan who has followed Walsall FC home and away for 53 years. I tried my hardest to include every fan in it, , and at a financial cost to myself I’e the literature I/ flyers I had produced

What I did find out from my efforts tho is that despite all the promises from fans. That they would back it when push come to shove they, failed to back it up , and only the die hards, and the guys who attended our meeting with bonser Saw it through, And sadly as much as it hurts me to say it. The reality is far to many are happy with what they recieve

Having said that the aproach we took, may have been wrong And I accept the criticism, , but when push comes to shove and your left standing there outside with around twelve other,s reality sinks in that you are fighting a loosing battle

I said at the time he will only be drawn out when revenue drops, and from that day of the Oxford protest I have not spent a penny up there other than my admission costs, And I firmly believe, that you have to target him this way, one man as in myself not spending whilst up there,will not make a blind bit of difference, but a fair few hundred. Certainly will

As you know I have serious issues with how he got hold of club, and how our future was sold down the river, on the back of that move from fellows park
As part of a plan he has executed to perfection

Regarding the new independant saddlers supporters association, I can assure everyone it will be much more than a social / travel club, It will be a voice for all fans and be open and transparent Run by Walsall fans for Walsall fans, with there. Best interests coming first and foremost

I attended the working party meeting on Monday in my role of fundraiser procurement officer, ,of the. Dsa
I can confirm that club. Put there hands up and said that what fans endured Boxing Day. I’e. Toilets kiosks, bescot bar etc was unaceptable, They also said that funding is availible to Dean during this transfer window
But I have been to others and heard it before yet again we find ourselves in a posistion of another relegation battle

I am fully behind each and everyone of you in your campaign. And sincerely hope you see change, but as I say if I learned anything it was money is the god he prays to. So make hitting him in the pocket. One of your main goals, Trust me it,s the only way , I know for a fact flags banners etc amuse him more than irritate


Surprised marshy still contributes to the excuse and Star! Given he’s on Cov’s payroll??? Hope he doesn’t offend Bonser too much, or the next time he visits with Cov he will have to relay the team strip into the away dressing room via a rope pulley system across the car park, as Bonser will have banned him from the ground😂Wonder if Joe Masi would report that? Oh no of course he wouldn’t, he has a mortgage to pay!,


Fair play Olly, shows that your heart is in the right place to come on here and face any criticism (from myself included) & also support the protest.

Glad you’re here, means some of us don’t have to venture back onto WFHYS :joy:


I would be prepared to pay for a car sticker or badge etc…add say 25% on to the cost price to build up a campaign fund.


#TimesUpJeff is a play on the “Times Up” Hollywood scandal from last year.


I can also confirm that at the working party meeting on Monday the subject of robs letter to club was raised

Dan mole stated that each member of staff who oversaw the various areas of concerns which rob referred to would be called together to discuss contents of said letter , and that rob would be contacted regarding there thought,s finding,s. But didn’t give a timescale as to when this would be
He also said that it was due to Steph gambles anual leave, as he only returned on Monday , as to why the said staff had not yet been got together, but stated an acknowledgment of said letter had been sent


Thanks for this Olly.

Shame this confirmation has to come through a fellow supporter rather than a direct update to Rob, who sent the letter 9 days ago. Communication and customer service, eh…


I agree, welcome Olly. We’re all much more effective working together against the privations of the current set-up.


I think that the only way this particular protest can succeed where others have failed,is to treat it like the Brexit campaign. We need to gain the support of the 9/10ths of people who say…thats a good idea…but do nothing to support the campaign.That means over a period of time gaining the hearts and souls of fans.I think we should look at what other clubs fans have done in protests, and get in touch with the organisers of those protests, find out what worked best for them,and what didn’t work for them,use the good ideas from them,and any ideas we get ourselves.


I have many criticisms of Olly, but for the sake of getting what’s right for WFC I’m willing to quash my annoyances.


Good idea Sid!

We could say that there is a Chinese trillionaire waiting in the wings to buy the club and he has already signed a pre-deal with Messi and Ronaldo to sign as soon as the deal goes through.
We can say that admission will be free along with beer and pies and all the toilets will be gold plated with lackeys there to wipe your privates.:wink:


I’ll buy the big red bus with:

“We send 450K a year to Bonser’s Pension Fund, let’s spend it on actual players instead”

On the side.

Only this time it won’t be a lie.


In all seriousness you can hire a double decker and park it outside the Bescot for an hour or two before kick off for a few hundred quid. Easily fundraisable


Is the entrance road to the stadium a public road?


I believe it’s unadopted.
I suspect the layby on Bescot Crescent will be the nearest point.


If any organised demonstrations are ever planned to take place outside stadium or the aproach road to stadium which to the best of my knowledge comes within the 17 acres of land mr boxer owns, please get in touch with pc Stuart spencer the football inteligance officer attached to the club

Everyone has the right to peacefully demonstrate up there. But if you liaise with Stuart he can include it in his match day operations and will plan for it

He also howether has the right to disperse any flash mob that materialises, without prior warning
During last protests, I found him to be very accommodating and leased with him at all times,
He himself is a football fan albeit a Coventry one ,and was fully understanding of why we where doing it,
And by giving him the heads up he did not try to move the large group that congregated outside the main offices after the Bolton game

Will also give you more credibility as a group by keeping him fully informed, rather than be judged as a bunch of hooligan,s baying for blood


That’s excellent information, thank you.
All we need now is the Bonser Out banner made up as 32’ x 14’.


My colleagues have heard about this mob after the match, saying that there was a venomous attack against one particular steward.
Anyone know any more? This sort of angry gathering would certainly not help our cause!


If you’re talking about after the match Saturday a steward attacked someone I know and their 15 year old son (who was attending his first away game) for no reason. I didn’t see the attack but saw the aftermath and spoke to the person in question, clearly shaken. I highly doubt he provoked the attack as no action was taken by the police who were also there. WM police are involved to get the steward done I believe. The victim has been trying to gather CCTV/mobile footage to hand over to the police. Bolton stewards were scum. One was really rude to my girlfriend when she asked where the female toilets were. Hopefully a few of them are sacked.


Sorry meant Oxford game not Bolton