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The Protests




We would have to avoid a meaningful vote though,or the truth might come out…:smile:


If we take that as a comparison to Brexit, we had a referendum that asked us to vote “In” or “Out”. Many people would agree that where we have massively struggled after that vote, is to identify what the vision is for the future of the UK now we have voted out, and how we best deliver that.

So, by the same token, a movement to get Bonser to step aside, needs a clear plan of what the vision is for the Club post-Bonser and how we achieve that.

I think there will be a vociferous hard core to support a campaign to oust the owner, but I would humbly suggest to win over the “moderate majority” (to stick to the political analogy), a pretty clear plan of action of what the future would look like and - crucially - what realistic options exist to bring about the change, woudl be required.

Call: “What do we want?”
Response: “Bonser Out”
Call: “How are we going to do it?”
Response: “Dunno”…would be a little weak I think.


I’ve got his number so that’s a decent shout


A huge banner like the one suggested wouldn’t certainly make these protests much more imposing.

Imagine unveiling it behind the goal every game? Fantastic.


Personally I think any protest has to be more than just Bonser out. Imagine he leaves and a new owner comes in and runs it the same way for example. For me it’s more about having a list of points including things like fixing the divide between the community and the club that has got wider and wider in recent years. An owner who communicates along with the club, clear vision etc.


could you put this to a metal version of the monster mash?

While transported from my helipad late one night
My warped mind brewed a fiscal delight
A new ground began the clubs demise
When Suddenly to my (false) surprise
It stripped assets
It stripped the clubs assets
the club lost assets
It was a boardroom smash
The freeholds gone
It was gone in a flash
It stripped assets
It stripped the club assets.

While the Morrisons had begun.
And the Sewage works were being undone.
Can’t trace why we’re now renting.
No accounts were filed and the companies gone.

For you the fans my plan was meant too.
I’ve put stantions in to block your view.
Think I’m taking the ■■■■, not unblocking the loo.
and the playing budget’s tight while my pensions acrue,
It sucks the cash
It sucks the Saddlers cash
the Walsall’s cash
and it’s a boardroom smash
It sucks the cash
Just Like a vampire’s gnash
It sucks the cash
It sucks the Walsall’s cash.

Unlike my holiday’s in cypriot sand.
The bars we provide are not so grand.
Few turnstiles are opened to let you in.
But then there’s no pies or chips so the youths are missing.
It sucks the soul
It sucks the soul from the club
Supporters Club’s closed
It was a boardroom grab
It sucks the soul
Just Like a space blackhole
It sucks the soul
It sucks the Walsall’s soul.

…repeat until fades.


I’d buy a copy…:joy:


I have watched mission impossible, how much would it cost to hire a geek to hack the electronic advertising board outside the ground to put our banner on? :joy:


I’m sure if we gave £10 to the marketing fella he’d happily put it on. Probably the same amount he makes a day.




Will you be ending your exile for when the protests take place Mr Chunkster?


Only if i can go down in flames of glory :wink: but yes if other protesters think it will help, but i want it to make a difference,I want to make a difference. I don’t want to put my money into HIS pocket unless i can be sure that this time will be the time that finally sees his demise.


Pity you didn’t spark the ■■■■ mate


One of my mates was at the match, and he came out with a few other fans when it was 4-2, and they were attacked by a band of about 10/15 youths, and 3 walsall fans took the lot out :joy: apparently the youths hadn’t even been to the game???


That logo would look great on a t-shirt. Be great if there were a load of them at games.


This can be arranged


Maybe hand out leftlets outside the ground with those quotes so everyone going to the game knows the context behind it.

There will always be clubs worse off than you and certainly in 2008 those three were. It also took Luton and Rotherham a good 5-6 years to rebuild and start getting above Walsall in the pyramid on a consistant basis.

For me it isn’t so much comparing Walsall to other clubs as many have better crowds and all that. It’s more the total lack of ambition to even want to challenge and make the club better and to top it all off disregard of the matchday fan by the declining facilities on offer with little sign of fixing it.

I’d say calling Bonser out on that is more important but I think the actual quote is a good way of getting broader support. Next season it will be likes of Lincoln above Walsall in league one so more ex basket case clubs showing proper ambition and leaving Walsall behind.


Exile?! I’m sure Chunky was at a game the other week! Crossing that picket line…:wink:


He was after i’d convinced him he was missing some great football , and better atmosphere , even bribed him with the promise of a pint …kiss of death :poop: