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The Protests


ye thanks for that :joy:


And i’ll get you that pint when we’re both there watching the lad’s again wearing our matching protest t-shirts :wink:

We’re only here for the beer , and Bonser’s only here for the rent …:laughing:


Only just caught up with this thread, having been vocal on the various other ones. Totally bought into this and the ideas on here, having been part of SOS/SWAG as a teenager back in the day.

Whatever is decided I will support, but we have to stay united.


Video will be crucial in this. We will need really sensible but passionate sound bites of fans and also the actual protests. Well edited and sent out/circulated. So that our efforts are seen and magnified.

Film of all the issues at Bescot (off the pitch) would be great too. ■■■■ toilets, queues etc… ideally we’ll shot and not just off phones.


Final thought for now.

Can we put together a well edited film that covers the aims of the protest, perhaps to a cover version of Pet Shop Boys ‘Rent’.


I was talking to a Blues fan about all this today - he was astonished & disgusted equally, especially when I told him about the rent lol. Could not believe he didn’t know anything of what has been going on at Walsall - which is why our story is never told! The lazy media rhetoric of being a well run club should have been challenged years ago.

Real high hopes that the ■■■■ is finally about to hit the fan for Mr Bonser and some of his dealings…


That’s one thing that really pisses me off. I am sick of Radio WM spouting on about the fact we’re a well run club and punching above our weight. They never EVER mention Bonser and what he’s up to. Any other club in the midlands and you basically know what the owners had for ■■■■■■■ breakfast that day. The real Bonser needs exposing. Mind you It’ll probably fall on deaf ears. Well run club and all that.


I’m shocked that you’ve even heard Walsall mentioned on WM…:open_mouth:


To be fair, what do bloose know about football? :wink:


When I did the interview on wm it was a farce they promised it would be a live one at first then called back to say it had to be pre recorded , When it aired it was highly edited in clubs favour, and was not a true reflection of what was said in relation to how fans felt and what bonser had done to club financialy and the freehold issues ignored
Should have expected it REALY as he had banned them from reporting on Walsall games for a period of time years back


Just an idea but does anyone think it would be worthwhile contacting every other team yet to come to bescot this season supporters club
Inform them of what’s happening and ask them not to participate in any revenue streams whilst visiting,
Football fans are a loyal bunch and will stick together
Blackpool fans did this for there arsenal game, and thousands of arsenal fans did not spend a penny in ground, but had a collection instead and gave it to the Blackpool fans to help fund them in there quest
I know the numbers of away fans at bescot will be somewhat smaller, but it will still hit home, and again a good publicity opportunity


The well run club meme needs to be challenged.

Yes it is well run for the benefit of The Bonser family, not the supporters / future supporters of the club or the town of Walsall.

We should point to the numerous clubs over the years that have experienced financial difficulties, changed ownership and benefitted, not just from their status in the pyramid, but more importantly gaining the commitment of, and the feeling of belonging, within their local community.


I think there might be some spontaneous protesting Saturday if we go 1 or 2 down. Hopefully that’s not the case, but I can feel the discontent simmering underneath…


There were memes doing the rounds a while ago like this

These could be circulated but about JB: JB charges WFC £400,000 a year in rent. JB doesn’t reinvest transfer fees. Don’t be like JB.

And then contrast it with one about Peterborough or Accrington’s owner


Indeed. This is one of the main deflection cards that Bonser has. Fans moaning at him because of a few bad results.
For this to work properly, it needs to have a well thought out strategy which then has to be executed in a professional way. It’s going to take time, resolve and guile to win this one.



People are quick to give it to the E&S about our lack of coverage but at least they have touched on Bonser previously and gotten in trouble for it.

WM give us all the in depth coverage of a bloke who checks our scores every week.


We’re just the little well run club to them. That’s it. If Villa fans were having to stand in a pool of other peoples ■■■■ or running out of food 20 minutes before the majority are even in the ground then it’d take up the entire show. Not us though. Well run club punching above our weight. They refuse to steer away from that narrative.


The next six games are largely against teams around or below us, so less than 10 points gained and we’re in a real relegation battle. That’s when general discontent on the terraces starts to build against the team and the club for purely footballing reasons, which doesn’t really lend itself to our messaging.

Hope the lads can turn it around!


Think i’ll tweet WM tonight regarding all this. It genuinely pisses me off.


Just a friendly heads up

Do you think this form is the right place to be talking about the business in hand ??

The old adage of forewarned is forearmed ??

Can’t see Winston Churchill chatting to Roosevelt and Stalin on an unencrypted forum about the D-Day landings when the enemy could be reading