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The Protests


Could there be a private forum somewhere for more of the operational management?

I know this goes against the open policy of stuff - but maybe for the more sensitive issues, it could be an idea - when things are decided, then they get released promptly ? I don’t know.

To be honest, I don’t see what much they can do now. It seems like this letter has now been the final nail in the coffin or preventing things. I can’t see them doing anything with the focus meeting.

It’s also very important now to say this is not about results and new signings.


But if say the opposition supporters for a game decide to help and not spend in the Venue annexe all the enemy needs to is not stock or man the kiosks in the away section, whereas if we want to make a point surprise is the key



Good comments from Kev Paddock :+1:


Personally I think such a step is too soon. We need to take the lead. It will take time to get our own on board , which needs to be the priority.

Would look odd to an away fan if from the away end they can see our fans waiting at the refreshment kiosks or buying stuff from the club shop.


Fantastic to see in print.


Fair comment and like you say unfair to ask visiting fan,s to do something the large majority of our own won’t. Constantly at a loss as to why. A large proportion of our fan base can’t or won’t recognise the cancer that is spreading through our club at a rapid rate


Handing out leaflets explaining the situation would be a good start, perhaps it would open the eyes of some.


This. Put those 9/10 points on it as well as what we want to achieve.


Don’t worry, idea is noted down and I’ll be creating some stuff to put on leaflets.


I think a important factor in the success of this protest is how we engage the media (regional and national).

Once we have all the materials etc. would it be worth contacting a bunch of media outlets to help highlight that the club is not actually that well run?


I love the “well run club” theme.

Maybe pics over overflowing toilets or awful food next to the phrase “well run club”.

Or that phrase next to an estimate of the total rent JB has taken out?


Agree. It’s important we challenge the ‘well run club’ narrative.

We may run at a profit each year, but at what cost. The club is dying.


You can bet good money that the images of the new ‘fan zone’ will be in the media so why shouldn’t that be countered by images of the toilets, the crappy kiosks and the bar area under the Main stand?

I wonder though if it most likely wouldn’t have been done without the support of the Premier League Fans Fund!

I will say though that the fan zone looks great in comparison so I guess that’s got to be an improvement


Good comments from all of them…the same depressing thread runs through all of them.


As you are aware I was at Monday’s meeting
It was disclosed there is no sell on fee regarding Tom Bradshaw

The reason being Barnsley have sold him for less or equal to what they paid us for him

Now seeing that milwall have paid if reports are correct
1 .2 million, then that is the bare minimum we have recieved. So where has this cash gone

Like I have always said as a fan it sit,s uncomfortable with me being privy to information that is not readily availible to my fellow fan, As long as what is said in those meeting,s is reported back to fan,s truthfully, see no point in having to wait for the minuites to come out, which st times have taken weeks to be made public,

The Bradshaw money is very likely to be being recieved in instalments, but seeing as it is guaranteed income, no excuse whatsoever as to why we couldn’t have added quality additions to squad, and. Paid in the same way

Well there is and it’s purely down to one mans greed
Another justification of how badly these protest,s need backing to the hilt by everyone


That’s incredible. I think most were under the impression that the Bradshaw fee was around the £600k mark.


But, just for the sake of argument, we got 600k up front and a sell on and then Millwall bought him for 500k with additional bonuses (rising to 1.2 million if he gets 20 goals etc) then that might count as ‘having sold him for less’.


Just shows again how Mickey Mouse we are with transfers. So desperate to take any money on offer we.

Penny wise, pound foolish.


When it comes to JB’s pension fund and Suffolk Life - I’d say very very £ savvy!!