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The Protests


Oooh a nice " circus" themed tee shirt with Bonser as the ring master and Gamble and Mole as clowns!:clown_face:


Fantastic Rob. That can serve as a really important literature explaining to fans and other interested parties (media, other supporters etc) as to why we have had enough.


Bonser and his chums bought the club early in 1988 via their investment vehicles Denglen and Davenmanor. A traditional wedding anniversary for a 31st is a timepiece.

How appropriate. #timesupjeff


The whole club is in its death throes. We either step up and do something about it or sit quietly and let it happen around us.


I’m afraid its all too little, too late, we were in the throws of relegation form two months ago and it has not improved at all. I also know that whilst all these protests have got nothing to do with the teams performance on the pitch, now that we are confirmed as almost certain relegation candidates, uncle Jeff will have a perfect repost to protests "The action of the fans has caused a negative effect on the teams performances on the pitch, and whilst I have decided to terminate our current Managers stint, reduced attendances have made it impossible to finance any additional playing staff our new Manager desired "
WE could write his script for him!


So Worsul4ever - that’s it then. We know how predictable this bloke is so we just let him have us all over yet again?

The object of any protest and action is to influence a change - whether, in our case, that’s in ownership (which frankly is highly unlikely) or approach, this has to gather momentum and mean something.

If we do nothing, basically we are sunk - it’s not simply about relegation, this is about the future of the club we all love.


Coop63 :clap:t2:


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Pride of the Black Country,
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No pride in the Black Country.


People need to remember that it is about the future of this club, not just results on the pitch today


Absolutely about the future of the club. I don’t care if we lost 15 in a row if the club had a vision, a plan and communicated well.


Potential hashtag: #whatsinitforus?


I couldn’t agree more Rob.

People are saying that DK and players aren’t blameless and they’re right of course.
However, it wouldn’t really matter who was managing us, it’s a red herring.

Our chairman isn’t bothered as long as we finish between 7th and 20th.
If we get some cash for a player and his commercials cover his rent, he’s even happier.

That’s the way we need to look at it now, even if the current form has us jumping up and down.


This has caught the attention of the D3D4 podcast if anyone listens to it.

Could be worth trying to make something of this as the presenters are sometimes on Sky


On to them :+1:t3:


I tipped them off to what is going on at our club and encouraged them to read this forum. Looks like they did that and I am.glad they did. The more coverage and attention we get the better as public perception of Walsall being a well run club needs to change and the truth be told.


To be fair to them sounded like they had read the forum as they knew quite a lot about the situation. One of them is an Oxford fan so will be sympathetic to the cause.


I just had a perverse image of Jeff sipping his Cypriot brandy in front of Sky Sports News and his picture is flashed on screen! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Masterstroke well done mate :ok_hand:


Thanks. I have done the same to Sam Parkin who is part of the totally football league show. Hopefully we may get a mention there too.


This would make effective campaign literature too. A compilation of tweets like this