The Protests


Just had a response from Sam and he is going to take a look. Hopefully we will get some coverage on the totally football league podcast.


This is great stuff. Already this has a different feel to previous protests!


There’s no mention of Bradshaw in the minutes of that meeting. Any idea why? Thanks.


I think we should try to engage our local councillors.

The club bares the towns name, and hosts the biggest spectator event in town every other week, it therefore baffles me that Walsall council arent involved in pursuing regime change at the football club.


Worth a try but can’t see them getting involved or taking any interest. IMO


Sam was true to his word and did cover Walsall for a few mins on this week’s totally football league podcast. Hopefully this link works if anyone is interested.


Just listened to the Walsall section. For someone on the outside looking in I think he summed it up brilliantly. Well done for this and thank you Sam Parkin :+1:t2:


Is he the one who played for us ?




What are the timings for our bit?


32mins…Did try to link straight to the Walsall part but not sure it worked.


Great insight, really impressed with Parkin.


31 min 30 seconds


i just pressed play and it went straight to the walsall bit, interesting that she said she was at bescot for something on thursday night? maybe worth protesting outside depending on who will be there?


It’s the National League EGM or AGM, couldn’t make the last bit out. More money for Jeffrey. Imagine showcasing the venue to your future opponents


Not a bad idea.

Would be good to try and get some wider press coverage of the fans forum on Monday. Ideally national press to widen the message of discontent. Not sure how we would do this though. Any ideas?


Spoke to someone who works nationally. They won’t take a proper look until it’s consistent and sustained, ala Bolton or Blackpool.


I can’t remember the last time a national media outlet (Podcast etc) was so accurate about what is going on! The Express & Star and their latest Podcast (Bescot Beat - yeah right) should hang their heads in shame - clueless




Yep that was our banner - unfortunately the 10 of us that produced, unfurled and then left it on the centre circle of the pitch have now become 2 thanks to our no 1 fan and saviour