The Protests


Was this the same season as the “Freedom of Speech” banner after bannings from the ground? :thinking:


I think it’s was the same game actually - an end of season game and I think it was sound out who had it


Bangsection, not soundy, with the ‘freedom’ banner. That was an education for the club!


I seem to remember that whole debacle originated from a meeting with Bonser.

Swiftyboy on here was really anti-Bonser but then collared him in a car park or something and ended up having a meeting with him at the club. Bonser bamboozled him in a similar way to the meetings last season where he came across to the participants as fairly reasonable. But then swiftyboy made the mistake of revealing a lot of the conversation on UTS.

That resulted in him getting banned from the ground, then Whalley going on a rant about UTS being full of 5th Columnists under anonymous usernames such as swiftyboy and Zippyzip. :rofl:
Then Neil and Darren got banned just because they posted on UTS and they were easy to identify.
That was the reason behind bangsection unfurling the “Freedom of Speech” banner after the bannings.

Our club really has a knack of pouring petrol on to any trouble don’t they? :rofl:


Here it is…



I’m the back of head nearest the window looking up at it lol


Cost the club a fair few quid that banner did :joy:


How long did it take them to sack Whitney after the last fans focus meeting? Just saying.

On another note my daughters come home with a tickets through schools offer for the Fleetwood game. They will use this as an example of how their engaging with the fans of the future :neutral_face:


I imagine that if OFSTED find out, the school will be put into special measures :wink:


Is the Fleetwood ticket instead of detention ?


A nice glamorous tie assured to sell the experience and have them returning for the rest of their lives!

There will be about 100 away fans, 5k empty seats and a chant every 30 minutes. This club is ran by imbeciles


What did she do? Forget her homework? Tell a teacher to ■■■■ off?


I would say tasered them or shot for that punishment :laughing:


Maybe we should try and turn the “well run club” narrative into a “well run pension fund” one.


Well run fund. Nice and simple.


Load of crap.he aint bothered about the club never has been.all hes intrested in is making more millions.
Bonser out now before walsall becomes distinct


… or extinct ??? :wink:


I found a lovely picture of a painting

‘Back to Blocko’ - a painting by local artist Christopher Holloway

It’s a beautiful piece of work and can be seen here

In the absence of a visit to the see the lads today it did give me some ideas…idle hands, devil’s works




That’s brilliant how you’ve done that (Just change the o for an e ) Bonser :wink: