The Protests


brilliant effort - well done


Yes sorry lol


Oh that’s excellent.

I understand that trolleybus was known as Cox’s Folly.
The Director of WCT had a particularly idiosynchratic demeanour, by all accounts.
Hence the completely irrelevant 6-wheeled, one-off model pictured.
It seems very apt to me!


Well Spotted with the spelling RedandWhite, its complete now !!


Love it mate, well done.


I was driving to work the other day and a thought popped into my head as an idea for a meme that could be shared on social media should the need arise - maybe someone with a bit more talent than I could make it a reality…

I spotted a Bescot Market On Today sign that was clearly lingering from Sunday pointing down Bescot Crescent.

My idea was therefore a play on that, with a nod in the direction of the fact that the Sunday Market is probably a bigger priority for our current incumbents than our playing squad…so how about a meme that says Bescot Market Open Today - Grab Yourselves an (Undisclosed) Bargain with some images of players we have knowingly undersold (in fact there’s another meme there based on the John Lewis ad campaign a while back, “Never Knowingly Undersold” - perhaps we are "Always Knowingly Undersold"

Perhaps then some images of players we have developed and cashed in upon at bargain prices?


Or Jeff, doing the Asda back pocket / bum slap…lol.