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The Protests


I quite like Times Up Jeff … The tagline could be his quote on supporting Luton, Bournemouth and Rotherham


Dunno about Jeff, I can probably stretch to a pint of bitter though.


It’s a pity his mother doesn’t involved…“come on Jeffrey,you’ve had a play with it,now give it back”.


SOS and #TimesUpJeff are decent.

The # would be great in today’s world. Imagine - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (to a lesser extent) all full of #SOS or #TimesUpJeff


Think #TimesUpJeff would be best. Much more exclusive to this protest.



Could also get stickers with this on to post out and about.


Perhaps they could be stuck over the leaky bogs and serve 2 purposes :slight_smile:


Get the font the same with #TimesUpJeff


@simon can you arrange this? I only did it on my phone on my lunch break :joy:


Sounds ridiculous, but have the same font for the website, same logos, on twitter too. The more Professional it is - the better.



When it’s got that on, lob it into WFHYS.


It will be.

Are we already decided on #TimesUpJeff? If so, I’ll get the Twitter page changed once I have the logo.


What’s the name of the account? Let’s agree on the Bio too.

Also, what’s going on there? Repeated information? Polls ?


I really like #TimesUpJeff


The bio needs Jeffs quote … Maybe a link to the 10 points of the protest when they’re done?


Account Name isn’t changed yet, so I’ll get that changed once I have the logo.

Nothing yet.

When I’ve got the logo added. The bio will just have more information to follow.

Then once we’ve come up with a bio i’ll add it and actively use the page.


Make sure you set the location to Luton/Bournemouth/Rotherham :joy:


Fantastic. #Momentum.

Scott - can you make a commemorative grindcore song to celebrate the birth of this movement? :joy:


Well done chaps. It’s in good hands. Just let us know when and where you need extra help and support.