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The Protests


Fantastic. I’m up for a pint if anyone wants to have a chat over these things and are local.

Forget about organising open meetings or whatever initially - just get some blokes to move things forward.

There isn’t any need for meetings - yet. Just getting the message out there is priority number one.


HAHA! I’m writing with the band tomorrow so il see what I can come up with :smirk::joy:


Has anything been said on Walsall Fans Have Your Say about these protests? I left the group


Don’t worry, it’s all in hand. A few people will be contacted across the next week or so to discuss meeting up and discussing things. Eyes peeled. Keep them.


General agreement!


Let’s all have a nice pint. When we thinking? And where? Doesn’t have to be anything grand.


Bonser suite perhaps?



I have a feeling I’m going to have to go in cognito at home games again in the future :joy::cold_sweat:


The web domain we’ve acquired is www.luton-bournemouth-rotherham.com, so would be good to keep the name/branding consistent with that if we want to use it.

Also helps that we already have a great visual concept to back it up.

So for me ‘LUTON BOURNEMOUTH ROTHERHAM’ or LBR and any host of hashtags for social: #TimesUpJeff #TogetherWeaker #CleanUpThePiss etc


Also, a few of us should share the social media duties - like twitter etc. Have one account but let a few people hve the log in to post stuff etc.


Obviously I’ll share everything through the UTS channels and Vital Walsall have already offered to distribute our stuff to their follower base, which is pretty substantial. #collaboration


I think it would be a good idea to lay off the team/manager while this is going on. We need them to know that we are supporting them and that the issue is with the owner.


Think we need to get the points of protesting ASAP to build support. One on the point needs to be that this is aimed an Bonser and NOT the team/manager.


Agree. Campaign material, banners, artwork, chants etc aimed at the board not the players.

We’re drowning in p!ss.
We’re drowning in p*********ss.
Loyal supporters.
We’re drowning in p!ss.


Collaboration :heart_eyes:

Yeah one of the things I learnt last time was not to have this out group mentality - like we know more than we are letting on and stuff. I think some people became resistant to protesting, not because they disagreed with the protest - but because they felt left out.

This needs to be everyone together.


I’ll put up a brand new post tonight. Detailing things.

I get the excitement but too many people are getting too involved, too early. Let’s not turn this into a vanity project for people, there will be a proper structure.

I’ll post later.


Vanity project for whom mate? Seems like good people doing good things!

Shall we try and release this 9 point list very shortly when all the wording has been agreed?

One thing I learnt from WFHYS is maybe to get in some ideas about being treated as customers and not supporters.



It’s good that people are excited and also it is good to make sure that this is planned and executed properly.

We have been here before and each time the Bonemeister has preveiled. Need to make sure he doesn’t ■■■■ us again.


Is that his porn name?


We aren’t going to rush things.

There will be a clear structure and agenda, along with a timeline of what needs to happen and when.

I’m sure (and I’ve seen) some good ideas, but everyone is losing the whole idea of being professional.

Me and @simon are going to head things up properly and we will communicate.

Everyone is trying to run before we are walking. Calm down and have a bit of patience.