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The Protests


Correct. So everyone needs to calm down right now


I thought it was a community/collaborative/communist effort? :joy:


Bit confused as this thread was put up to throw ideas around to make it more of a community effort. I understand the need to walk before you can run but I don’t see it here. Just ideas, that’s all :grinning:


calm down :smile:



Christ it’s happening again :joy:


Let’s just get everything in place, starting by establishing those nine key points.

Get a feeling we will have to persist with this campaign for a long time, so best to start on the right foot!


Just FYI my previous post / experience on these sort of things.

I’m not going down the road of groups, select individuals knowing stuff, lack of transparency again. I promise everyone, that will only lead to in and out group mentality.

Not making a mountain out of a mole hill - just trying to calmly and nicely suggest my previous experience on these sorts of things…






How about getting banned from the stadium? Think it’s been like 8/9 years now! Scary!


There’s not going to be. Everything that happens will be out in the public. End of.


So where are we at now? Just thought it would be nice to summarise where things are. As you say Rob, doesn’t need to be rushed - but good to get an idea of where things are.

Website - you guys are on that.

Twitter? Nice to get a prototype page set up and see what it looks like etc., before it goes ‘live’

Facebook? Facebook page too? Connect to twitter so same content goes out?

Journos? I think you said you’re on that, right?

Creating this 10 item Bonser OUT PDF? Who is managing that? Be nice to see a draft using the same style/font as the Luton/Bournemouth/Rotherham banner.

Response to Rob’s letter. Obviously that will come by Rob through the social media outlets - but is there any optimal plan how to respond? Maybe have the 10 items document and edit it to put extra comments that show how things haven’t been resolved , promises we have heard before etc. Just riffing.

Flags - what’s the deal? Any plan? I saw talk of banners being made up somewhere. People dusting off the Cypriot flags? I think it would be nice if there was a massive Luton Rotherham Bournemouth flag - but I guess you guys are on that already.

Obviously these messages need to get out to as many influencers as possible. Think that’s a all hands on deck job. I think it’s also important to promote taking the moral high ground - that’s effectively what saved me during my ban - I had actually done nothing wrong.


Let’s not get into the age-old habit of falling out before we even begin - because the club (who will be following this thread) will ■■■■■■■ love that.

There has to be structure and responsibilities and there has to be a set plan, there also has to be transparency and absolutely none of the ‘in the know’ stuff that has undermined previous movements. Ostracise other supporters or each other and we’re dead in the water straight off.

That said - if we’re doing this properly we do need to progress, as a movement, at an agreed pace with an agreed structure and timescale - that requires some level of ownership and decision making (I’m happy to lead the web stuff for example) or we’re never going to agree on anything.

Loads of positive ideas developed already, we just have to put them into place before we get going because each of us know the club is a heavyweight prize fighter when it comes to this scenario.


Spot on.


I’m happy to develop PDF, campaign collateral, branding.


Yeah, as you say, they’ll be watching this with baited breath.

I think having the 9 point thing has to be (one of) the launch projects. Anyone half interested, or anyone lurking, will want to know quickly and effectively what this is all about.

Second, just to add, I’ve been a bit strong above with my comments because I know this ‘in the know’ stuff is a killer. I wanted to kinda nip it in the bud, and that’s not anyone’s fault, it’s only a minor minor thing. I know where we went wrong before, let’s not let it happen again.

We are all Walsall fans, and we all care. Let’s all have a nice pint!


I’m quite happy to head it all up to be honest.

Writing, communication, negotiating, and social media are my best areas too. Along with organisation.


Bagsy 1-2-3 touch wood going on the pitch with a banner whilst helicoptering my meat towards uncle jeff.


Dibs private dibs.


Spot on Simon, think a date/match is something that needs to be agreed on so we can all make arrangements, getting flags etc

The banner I made is more than welcome to be used and if anyone needs fonts or the original file I’ll be happy to pass those on

If not, I’ll have a flag made myself but only display it at an agreed date


Leave that with me mate, I’ll get some prices. That can be one of the main banners once we’ve got it straight.