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The Protests


Back to ideas.

For the marketing types…

So there’s this general logo right?

So I think there should be some images released on social media that probably go into depth the ideas a bit more explored in the 9 point thing.

For example for a point on the state of the stadium - release an image on social media that is one of the points, but has a quote from fans about the state of the facilities - maybe 2 or 3? I think would help 1. Get the message across l, 2. Make for nice professional content, and 3. Make everyone feel like they are contributing / in it together.

Just a thought.


Call me thick if you want,but what is the relevance of LUTON…BOURNEMOUTH & ROTHERHAM?


I know i’m a bit late to the hashtag debate but if the ultimate aim is to get the club and ground back together would something along the lines of #BescotReUnited be any good.


Bonser told us to go and support clubs like that if we were unhappy supporting Walsall as they were seen as worse options. All are now suddenly above us in league standings.


I direct quote from Bonser in 2008 I believe?

“The club has stability now and if some supporters think that is the wrong way to run a club they should go and support Luton or Bournemouth or Rotherham.”


That’s a perfect example of some good content to have in image win logo - shared on social media every few days. Obviously rotate that with new content, but the very important quotes - list of 9 things etc can go out more often


Quote at the bottom of the article


I think it might be a bit cryptic for a lot of fans.


Not when it’s explained :slight_smile:


It’s right up there with Gerald Ratner :rofl:


There’s loads of easy wins. I’m happy to come up with a ‘brand’ as such - logo, fonts, colour scheme etc.



Yep superb. Can the icon on the photos like that be a nice low fi version of the Luton Bournemouth Rotherham out thing, perhaps?


Do we want to carry that as our core logo then, everyone?


Up to everyone! I like it… but I guess it could be used with another one if there are others on the go?


The issue is that it’s quite big and wordy, so might lose impact the smaller it’s printed/used. So maybe we use another easy-use logo?


Is it an idea to have a big logo that very clearly shows what the purpose is and is blatant for even an outsider to work out, then have a smaller version which can be used virtually everywhere which will become more recognisable as the “brand awareness” grows? Almost a brand and a separate logo style arrangement so to speak?


Yeah I think that’s fair - same with simon’s point.

Maybe use the Luton Bournemouth and Rotherham out logo for specific things ?


Some great ideas and brilliant looking content on here already - I think we have already surpassed some of the campaigns of the past just by discussing the importance of restraint and timing!

Really hopeful for this…


Bloody hell what’s happened? i only went on the treadmill for an hour :laughing:


Keep plugging your ideas and suggestions on here, hoping to formalise things a bit more on Saturday evening, with a view to getting something properly announced and then we can look to have a pint and ‘chew the fat’ to get us started.