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The Protests


My little bit of handiwork for the evening. Simple design and can be changed to use any colour on pretty much any background. Also good for use on web/social/literature etc




100% use it.


That logo would look brill in front of a picture of the flooded toilets! :laughing:


And on his front gates :laughing:


Can we always add the times up Jeff # to all the artwork ? Maybe in a corner but always visible


I think it should be #TimeToGoJeff - it’s gramatically correct and stands out more I think


Are we allowed to sing ‘where’s the money gone?’ on Sat?


Carry on. We need this from @Belphegor


Another potential song - feel free to make suggestions or think of another verse

To the tune of Liverpool’s ‘We’ve conquered all of Europe’ https://youtu.be/XMCpSZffNWE

The rents 400,000
It’s never gonna’ drop
Bonser and his cronies,
Allowing the club to rot

Bournemouth, Rotherham, Luton?
Who shall we support?
We’re the loyal supporters
And we want our Walsall back

Allez allez allez


Will today’s launch of ISSA (that takes me back) confuse fans? They may start to think the two “organisations” are linked/the same.


ISSA is a strange one. Social club and coach travel seems to be it’s raison d’etre. Confuses fans to have so many supporter vehicles, but Olly wants his own.


Could always get the logo printed on Wellies so we can use the toilets at the ground.


No, we will make it clear. Leaflets will be distributed at games about us, I have no doubt.


Let the foundations be set first mate, the foundations need as little amount of people as possible or it just becomes messy. All of our ideas have been put forward and used whether it be a name, tagline, even just concerns in @RobHarv3y’s letter. As he and @simon have said, there will be meetings which we all can go to and that’ll ensure everybody who wants to be involved in the protests, is involved in the protests with ideas floating about and plans shared amongst all. It’s going to be great.


dont think its a bad thing myself anything that helps fans out getting to games etc can only be a good thing? and the guy running it hates Bonser bonus


That’ll teach ya,what do you want,a chippendale-esque body or Bonser out…:smile:


Not rubbishing them at all. Fair play to them for getting off their backsides and doing something, and all the best to them.

I was just making the point that both launching so close together might possibly confuse fans.


[quote=“SidSwifty, post:157, topic:2075”]
That’ll teach ya,what do you want,a chippendale-esque body or Bonser out…:smile:
[/quote :joy: the closest i will get to looking like a chippendale is the sideboard :joy:


see your point be nice if everyone came together as one on this if possible.


Absolutely. Only love for you guys actually trying to make a difference.

I hope my concerns earlier weren’t taken wrongly… I just felt it was important to point out what may have gone wrong before - not now.

As someone said earlier, we are already off to a better start with all these ideas, professionalism, skills and organisation.

I think it’s ultimately best key simple with a strong, easy message to begin with. Things can get more ambitious after that - only my thoughts.