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The Protests


@RobHarv3y you may or may not get a satisfactory response to your letter soon … Steve Davies has confirmed on a discussion on that hotbed of intellectual debate ‘WFHYS’ that Gamble returned from annual leave today.


Well if nothing else, this thread has bought saddlers fans together :wink:


I’d tend to sway towards non-satisfactory


Ok, so just to keep everyone in the loop. Me and @simon are going to discuss the initial foundations on Saturday, after which I will post the details on here to progress things forward.

Hopefully following this, we will get a few others involved initially to firm things up a bit further and then open it all up to everyone who wishes to attend a get together (Date, Time, Location TBC) so that we can discuss everything and get things planned in a proper manner. After this, we will arrange a get together possible bi-weekly wherever possible to keep everyone together and up to date, and keep our movement going.

One of the key parts of this whole thing is that it doesn’t tail off in the summer, but I have some thoughts on this which can be discussed when we get together.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and creations so far, all very useful, and I’m glad that we are all pulling together and getting together.

Oh yeah, one final thing, lets support Dean Keates and the boys fully. This is nothing to do with them, and the reason we are in the situation we are status and squad wise is because of the action of our number one fan.

Up the Saddlers!


Start moaning and get behind the lads? :grin:


Sounds like a little bit of a strapline that could be used, actually!


Yeah. If you want really annoy the management why not call the organisation Unity? :joy:


Could rehashTrumps tag line #Let’s make Walsall Rent Free Again, plus use the ISSA supporter coaches to have £440,000 a year in rent! splashed down the side of it Brexit style. :wink:


You could replace

Luton Bournemouth Rotherham


Chesterfield Hartlepool York City Stockport Wrexham Hereford Chester etc etc

And Jeff does have a valid point - the club is stable … all of those clubs would swap with us instantly

All of them have knocked around with the last 30 plus years who are now outside the football league

That aside the club has stagnated and needs to change and that change needs to come from Jeff now.

Sadly I think the only way it would change is something on Charlton’s levels of protesting !


This looks brilliant, get these printed as stickers?


Bit harsh to give everyone their P45s but needs must.


Good idea, specialist printing is quite cheap online. I can get prices for stickers, pin-badges etc


Would love a pin badge!


There are winnable short-term challenges to Bonser’s stewardship we can make, though - better facilities, better communication, better customer service.

Start with key issues that effect all supporters and we build momentum from that.


I’ve lost track, how much is the yearly rent nowadays?


With apologies to Simon, the Nation of Cyprus and anyone else whose work I’ve adapted…


At some point it may be worth formally writing to some of the club’s external sponsors outlining supporters concerns on how the club is currently run, our fears for its future sustainability but also a true desire on the supporters half to ensure the club has a bright future.


Not a problem :wink:


#TimeToGoJeff - grammatically better. Good work though.


Just reading Marshy’s column in the E and S. He would be a good man to have on board, I think he gets it and wouldn’t be scared to write what he thinks. He would also kick up a fuss if the E and S didn’t print it to placate the club.