The Rent


When is it paid?
Upfront? Monthly? In arrears?

Asking for a friend.


It generally is agreed between the landlord and the owner of the football club.


Is it our Chairmans exit strategy to make sure the fan base slowly but surely drops off little by little till the rent cannot be paid , and then sell the ground from under it which would be worth more money than he could get for selling it , and the Football club ??


Well if it is he has a strange way of going about it! The advertising sign funded by the pension fund turnsover £500,000 according to Gamble in the newspaper article which is the subject of another thread…the profit on that will go a long way towards paying the rent!!! Indeed the figure fits in with a comment made to me weeks ago by a fellow fan that basically the rent could be funded by the income from the advertising board. I thought it was nonsense but having seen the figure quoted by Gamble I do wonder if he was right.


It’s a strange one isn’t it? Throw in all of the other none football income such as conferences, weddings, dinners and the market, and the logical conclusion is that there should be plenty left over for a decent playing budget and good facilities.

The lack of transparency in all matters at the club is baffling. They don’t help themselves at all.


All this money coming in of the commercial side and we’ve still got one of the lowest budgets in league, good job we’ve got that advertising board or it would be even worse :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Agreed I was amazed at the figure mentioned by Gamble. Maybe that is because I am out of touch with the advertising world. The Club would enhance its support if there was more transparency. The reluctance to be trans parent only leads to disillusionment and people making up there own theories as what is going on. Maybe those who are meeting the Club could urge them to be more open …it would be a good start to a better relationship.


Turnover can be anything, what we want to know is how much do the football club make from it.?


Agreed but on that turnover it will be substantial.


If that’s the case, why doesn’t Bonser’s pension fund just keep the advertising board, and let the football club return to being the freeholder of its stadium? The whole thing is just smoke and mirrors as usual.


Agreed …you will have seen my comment about more transparency being required.


Totally agree, Utter nonsense
if anyone truly believes that the club keep the whole of the money from all comercial facet,s in place, Proves behond doubt that the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum,
And that thirty years of brainwashing by our so called saviour has been a sucsess
I have never heard such a totally ridiculous blatant lie in my whole life


The club turnover isn’t split out in terms of expenses and income. All will be accounted for, but you can’t see where. Makes it frustrating.