The Terrace

Saw the club advertising this today… anyone used this before? (Sorry If posted in wrong place)

Yeah, decent stuff

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The mugs are …thought provoking.
Jimmy “Tom Cruise” Walker.
Roper and Butler do Beavis and Buthead.
Jorge Corleone.
And Kenny Mower seems to be wearing a red and black mushroom on his head.
Dean Keates has also eaten his entire packet of red shoe-laces for a bet on the way to school, and is proving it.


You could buy a few of those mugs to scare the kids with. :scream:

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Have they used caricatures of the players or real pics? looks like they have got the bloke on Los Cris seafront to pain them :joy:

Soon to be revealed too !

Whats that from Danny.

This without a doubt is the Walsall Badge i like the most. Lots of character. Reminds me of a period of optimism following the Club. We’d just got out of Division 4, Nicholl as Manager, the Club Shop Opened in Town.

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The Terrace tweeted the image last month, still waiting to see what’s coming :drooling_face::laughing:

I have used them a few times - though before they brought out the new ‘mugs’.

The other mugs are of good quality and can be personalised. The coasters are over-priced at £4.99 for one. The towels are more like sheets than towels.

They are reliable and deliver quickly - even OVERSEAS. Take note, WFC and ISSA. Postage is £3.99 UK and £19.99 HK.

Think they are bar runners / mats Club put out a pic of them this week