The three Walsall players you most disliked

Bloody auto-correct at it again!

I’d forgotten all about him - he was outstanding - especially given his age.

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He was outstanding and as you say for someone so young. Really good pro and had a good career at top level. I think would have done well at one of the bigger clubs.

Just to add, he would have been in one of my top three favourite players had he not been a loan and stayed longer.

I know this is for former players but Darrell Clarke got dogs abuse tonight!! :laughing:

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How about the 3 opposition players you most liked to boo?

Being at “the Wembley of the north” again reminded me of Tony Rougier’s assault on Zigor Aranalde that contributed to us our relegation from what is now the Championship (although he did partly make up for it by scoring our second in the Millennium playoff the following season).

Steve Hayward was never forgiven for effectively ending Steph O’Hara’s career.

And Lee Hughes always got a warm reception (not!) whenever he played against us.

Who else?

Gino Padula?


When I first started going regularly to games there was a Yeovil player who always used to get stick because (I think) he broke Darren Wrack’s leg. I want to say Colin Miles? Might be completely off on that.

Mclaren of Port Vale used to get some stick.

Keigan Parker wasn’t well liked for a while, either. Seem to remember Ant Gerrard victimising him for a full 90 minutes.

Have I got my Spanish speaking left backs mixed up? :flushed:

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Possibly early nineties full-backs too, was it O’Hara or Stuart Ryder that Hayward crocked? :sob:

I thought it was Stuart Ryder who he did.

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I can only assume he loved nature, as he always wanted to be on the ground.

I’m blaming it on getting old! :older_man:

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Tony Naylor of crewe early to mid 90s pain in the arse.

Definitely Tony Rougier - although his contribution at Cardiff was duly noted; Steve Haywood for his assault on Stuart Ryder; Kevin Muscat for being an almighty thug with zero footballing ability and having no redeeming qualities at all.

Bonus one for the oldies - Mark Falco for general thuggery when we played Watford in the FA Cup in 86/87.

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I love that clip of warnock with Sheffield United at Millwall, when muscat is up to the usual and gets paddy kenny sent off. Classic moments at the end where warnock, having secured victory despite being down to 10 men, is going up to Millwall players and saying "you lost that because of muscat":joy:

Go to about 1 minute 20 seconds. Mart O’Connor giving Kevin Muscat what he deserved :sweat_smile:


Lee Hughes got a warm reception not when he sat in the stand next to us at the Hawthorns

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Not a player but always guaranteed a reaction whenever he turned up at the Banks’s - Tony Butler.