The Troy Deeney Semi-Final

… is showing in full on the red button, at 3pm today. We all need something to laugh about, in these unprecedented times.

Spoiler: If you tune in at about half-4, that’s when it’ll start to get good.

It was after that game that Nuno committed to Wolves long term and started by moving his family closer to Wolverhampton - a nice little property in Perton, 2 up 3 down! :rofl:

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I watched highlights of the Liverpool-Everton semi from 1977. Blimey, the pitch. :astonished: With the passing of so much time it’s easy to forget how terrible pitches often were even for big games.
And that Hamilton “goal” didn’t look offside in 1977, and it didn’t look offside this afternoon either. Robbed, were Everton, robbed.