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Seems Mrs May isn’t the only one facing a political ousting…

Put him on a one month rolling contract. Simples!

Would appear Mr Taylor is trying to shoe horn him out as he’s asked them to spend some of the…pension fund …, sorry i mean some of the PFA cash

Does our esteemed owner know he has someone at the club who wants to drag an anachronism into the 21st century?

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From today’s Times,
" The PFA needs to evolve, otherwise you get left behind. We have discussed the need for evolution and the rapid pace the world is changing, and the pace at which football and footballers are changing. If you do not continue on that path, eventually other organisations will fill your space. From there, where do you go? You kind of become obsolete. Modern footballers are markedly different from the footballer five, ten 15 years ago. The game is changing at a rapid pace."

For “PFA” substitute “WFC” and for “footballers”," fans."

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Article from the Guardian that gives background to the situation Purkiss is addressing

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I see plenty of current and former footballers are now throwing their hat in the ring.

Was listening to Talksport on Saturday, and hearing Mike Parry wax lyrical about Taylor was making me very queasy.

What a man Mike Parry is!!