These players comments

Just that read off jules, Where i agree it was a good thing too get a clean slate i dis agree with him, I thought the defence looked a little wobbly, no one getting stuck in, players being allowed into the box un challenged, Hoofing the ball too no one, Jules and scarr are key too the hoofing, These comments are getting tedious now. I just wanna see us do well i dont wanna keep hearing would could or should be, They was as bad as us and made our back line look good with there poor finnishing not our quality defending.

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What do you want him to say?

So you agree with all his comments?

And tbh id rather he didnt say nothing if all were gunna hear is that same comment from a differnt player each week its getting tedious, Knuckle down and show us that not tell us that because we already know


No, but it’s just club media filler. No need to get worked up by it.

We didn’t defend badly on Saturday, so I think Jules is fairly justified in praising that element of the performance.

We agree too dis agree, fair enough

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The players are asked by the press for comments. They could refuse and I think they should but that would not please many.Similarly the Manager is asked immediately after a game for comments. He could refuse but imagine the outcry if he did. The fact is neither the players nor the Manager can win in these situations.

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Actually he can’t refuse. Some manner of press is required by all managers or they can be fined. Press have accreditation and agreements in place. It’s part of Clarke and any managers job to speak to the press and so they should as it’s the only real connection to the fans. I also think “can’t win” is nonsense. He was winning a lot in the summer with a lot of what he said. Everybody lapped up the leg breaking nonsense and the swearies.

Agree on the players though. They don’t have to.

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Jules in the E&S today the goals will come one of the lads will shin one in LOL I bloody hope so !