Thinking outside the box

Given that Walsall’s wages rules out being able to compete with the likes of Salford City, Solihull Borough and The Dog and Duck, can I propose an old boys’ network for Mr Keates to tap into?

With Aranalde at Watford, could we get some of their squad players/young guns in?

Who knows, we could even ‘cash in’ our sell on for Deeney to sweeten the deal? After all, the chances of us ever getting any money for him any time soon are about as likely as his ability not to mouth off about referees for no logical reason!

Feeder club for Watford? Discuss.

It might even help us to shift some of the VHS 4:4 highlights from the club shop! :wink:

Thought this thread was about the boys doing some defending higher up the pitch, not another decent idea.

I’d take Zigor back in a heartbeat by the way. Is he still fit? :rofl:


Hit it…

Old boys network schmetwork

When it comes to money, other clubs -quite rightly- don’t give an inch.

Don’t forget the reason Watford never let Deeney go when they had massive bids for him was cos they didn’t want to hand over a massive chunk to Walsall. So much so, Deeney even phoned uncle Jeff to beg him to drop part of the sell on clause.

So what makes you think Watford will let us have 10k a week player for nowt? There’s clubs ten a penny splurging money they don’t have in the upper reaches of L1 and all of the championship


I think this is exactly what Keates is trying to do (bringing his mates in to scout etc).

We have the “perfect” feeder club that was dropped in our laps a few months ago. They are only about 6/7 miles away, their current manager played for us for 5 years and recently was our old manager and only lives just across the walsall border with Birmingham so there are great connections

Dont suppose the numpties in change of the club have thought of ways that we could take advantage of this and take more of their players on loan. Its not as if the players would have to be unsettled and move miles away from the parent club to get minutes under their belt in a division 1 below where they are now

Of course they’ll have thought about it but two important factors come into play - what percentage of the wages do we pay for loan players? And would we be the sort of club where Smith would like his youngsters to come and learn?

Given he was in charge of Brentford when they gave us Shaibu, I doubt he’s very interested.


The only thing I would say in response to that that the parent team might appreciate the players who they are sending out on loan would not have to relocate and upset existing living accommodation for the short distance involved

There was a bit of a tie up with JWB and Deadly Doug while he was alive and we play them the more or less every preseason at the Venue annex