Third kit 21-22

Shop website seems to be playing up. It keeps adding extra shirts to cart

  • already 3 shirts in cart at the start
  • removed them then added 1 large, only to find it had added 2 shirts

… so be careful when ordering.
Will ring shop

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It doesn’t surprise me, they can’t even get that right. I won’t be buying one, even with the discount.

Ordered mine - no problems at all on the website.

Ordered two this morning with the discount code, no problem at all.

I was the test case. Even my final order confirmation had as description ‘Test Description’

These are the current Errea sizing guidelines

Your all better men than me.After committing to 3 season tickets/ buying the shirts along with other merch for this season and a donation I would like a little bit of love back before parting with more hard earned cash.


Support yourclub as much or as little as you like. The choice is yours and you follow your interests and your wallet.

But if you’re supporting a club expecting things back, maybe you’re a supporter for the wrong reasons?

Your names on a club shirt. The chairman gives you regular updates (you just dont agree with them) which, during the bonser-era was all anyone wanted. The club came though a pandemic which at one stage was far from certain. Things are not rosy, but the club is trying. But please, tell us more about what you want for yourself…


Agreed mate. The club are very trying.


I do expect things back. I pay my money for a season ticket and expect us to make a decent fist if it trying to win the match. Like any customer, I want value for money but we are nowhere near getting it. All clubs have had to deal with Covid and our transfer dealings were just as dire this year as the previous years’.

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Agree blind loyalty only gets a club so far we have stood still for too many years now in things like attracting new fans improved matchday experience etc what’s going to attract floating fans here? Poor football awful dated matchday experience ridiculous ticketing system? They need to do much better


I don’t think even the biggest critic of the club could say their intentions are not good.

The decisions being made are just / lazy / stale / bad / poorly judged / terribly timed / reactionary

That’s not an opinion the results of these decisions are seen in our current position