Third shirt in Highgate trilogy released

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Right then guys here it is our third and. Final shirt in our trilogy of iconic Highgate. Shirts And us at Issa believe we have saved the best till last

Our classic red. Pinstripe shirt with the Highgate logo embroidered across the chest, and finished. Off with a fully embroidered club crest To the chest topped of with the embroidered jw badge

This classic top needs no introduction to fans of a certain age and it now availible to you again exclusively from the Issa online store

It is now. available to pre order from our store using the link below
But be sure to get in quick before. Pre order timescale expires,

also. If you are thinking of the perfect gift for any saddler. You are looking at it right here it REALY is a thing of beauty. And considered by. many to be one of our best ever shirts and with Christmas fast approaching What better gift for any saddler

You can also purchase the other two shirts in this Highgate trilogy as. Due to the sheer demand both the white and yellow shirt. Have had to go back into production, in the case of the White one this will be its third production run

Please be aware of delivery timescales and size. Guide at point of order. And check before purchasing

Head over to our shop using the link below to secure yours

ters’ organisations and other third parties.


I’ve ordered 50


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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That Red top sir is a thing of beauty. I have to get me one of those and will be ordering.
Also are the White Highgate ones ready to collect mate? Think I read somewhere they had arrived with you and can’t wait to get hands on mine.
Also does this mean the Deeleys Castings ones are next to go on sale?

Yes mate white is ready to collect from railway club on Thursday from 7 30 pm

Yes mate deeleys castings one will be released As part of our Christmas collection. Alongside our own brand of clothing. With a walsall. Theme , some really nice items have been commissioned, and I’m sure fans will love them especially the branding on the clothing range


Just ordered one, gone with a Large … better to be safe then sorry … I’m usually a patient man but in this case I don’t think I can wait ! Haha

Thank you for your order. Should take around eight weeks from start to finish mate. , but in fairness both the white and yellow cake in earlier than timescales advised, so hopefully this red one will follow suit

The size guide against each individual size at point of order. is. Spot on mate, People who have previously brought the white ones. Are. Really happy with the fit

Just ordered both the Red one and the yellow one to complete my trilogy collection.
All being well should be over on Thursday for the white one mate.
Good luck with the sales, think the Red one will do really well :wink: :+1:

Stefan Oakes ?


Didn’t he have squad number 50 also. Surely the only player to wear that number in our history?

Because it looked like his initials (if you squinted).


If you squinted hard enough he resembled a footballer too :rofl:

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Any idea on the fit? Are they slim or true to size? :pray:t4:

True to size mate. When you select the size on the website, it shows you the size in Inches .

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As blazing saddler says mate size advised at point of order is bang on. Everyone who has purchased so far has been complimentary on the fit of these shirts

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Yellow shirt arrived this morning - very impressed. Envelope arrived ripped to pieces for both shirts though so plastic mailing bags might be a better option in the future…

Will be placing an order later in the week for the pinstripe shirt.

Received white shirt today looks brilliant I won’t take it out of bag as it’s a present

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Thank you for your feedback we will look into. Your suggestion, Glad you are happy with your purchase.