This Squad

Is it me, or is this squad more than capable of promotion with minimal additions?

Perhaps it was Taylor, and not Fullarton, who should shoulder the blame for where we ended up after all?

Do have to question their mentality though I suppose!


Whos contracted for next season?

As far as I know



Wilkinson is huge for next season. Still need a CF but he’s showing he can hit double figures in this league no issue so Flynn needs to keep working his magic there as Taylor clearly didn’t have a clue how to handle him given he was getting left on the bench for Scunny away.

Would still like a bit more creativity in midfield, guess we’ll have to see on Holden as that is still a proven option down here if he ever does come back.

Defence is looking good again and really considering some of the talent there it should never have looked as disorganised as it did.

I would offer Daniels a two year deal tbh as he’s done very well since signing and him and Monthe is very solid. Hopefully Rollin can recover from his dip in form over the summer as that’s a very strong back 3 contracted into next season then.


Also think Osadebe has a 1 year option :grimacing:

That’s a decent enough basis to build from.

I’ve said throughout the season there’s actually a decent collection of players here. They’ve proven it at other clubs in this division.

Feels like the Monthe ban was turning point and MT massively struggled after that and now a vastly experienced manager at this level is making things look very simple, funny that.

Above all next season needs a good start, feels like consistently playing catch up at this level going into October when teams like Forest Green are 10 + clear and so they can afford the odd defeat now and still go up.

Also believe Kiernan was given a two year contract when he signed from Harrogate. Also White and Rodney contracted

Said it all along that we have good players and we have a much better squad than anything we had under Clarke.

Really cant wait to see what Flynn can do in the summer with his own signings.


Menayese was a mistake, I’d try and move him on if possible. Same goes for Kiernan we can do better.

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Kiernan hasnt had a look in under Flynn tells you everything.

Could he be a useful squad player though? Guessing he isn’t on a mammoth wage and he showed some good performances and promise earlier in the season. I think not playing with Monthe for a that period would have had an effect on him.

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Well yeah. Flynns no fool and players that aren’t good enough for Harrogate certainly aren’t good enough for us.

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Ward is another he hasnt played

I think your right. Matt Taylor was very much the problem at Walsall. Not even sure if Mcdonald was a problem tbh. As soon as he was given a chance he threw Taylors style and tactics in the bin and we beat Tranmere. For me the worst manager in our recent history. Clarke, keates, Whitney and yes I’d rather have Brian Dutton in charge than clueless Matt

Also White, Perry, Kiernan, Rodney.
So at least 10 already contracted.

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Will be on big wages so assume he’ll be moved on.

Another experienced player who looked good on part but just hasn’t been good enough and mid 30s so would expect Flynn to be ruthless there and get in younger and more energetic LWB.

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Shade is out of contract soon on recent form i would try and sign him

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I’d sell labadie Mayo( he has fallen so far since signing been awful since ) and kiernan or see if they would leave for free
Release osadebe ward mills
Let shade go back
Try keep miller Devine and Rusworth
Offer Tomlin and Holden pre season to see fitness levels

Thank God we only gave Ward a year.

Securing the three centre halves who started yesterday is big. Shade and Osadebe have been revelations in their new roles. Shade in particular. Just the ability to match a quick winger in a foot race makes him so much more effective than Ward.

He’s a million miles from Leicester’s first team and doubt he’ll ever get there. I’d look to sign him. If Barnsley go down they will probably see Miller as part of their third division squad. Brighton will probably want Rushworth to have a go on loan at a second or third division team. Which leaves Divine who we might get another loan deal out of.

The gaps Flynn needs to fill then are at ‘keeper, some full back cover and centre forward. Which with ten games to go this season and a whole summer with no managerial disruption gives us a fantastic platform and the rare luxury of time.


Osadebe may have been a revelation, but he seems to turn it on when his contract is up, so I’d be wary on that one.