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He won’t be the first or last player who does that, for me if a player doesn’t perform when they have a contract and only produce when it’s up for renewal ain’t worth keeping, get rid, it sends a message to the others, or should.

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I think it comes down to something that has to be at the core of anything in the fourth division. That is clarity of role and keeping it as simple as possible. In this role, Paddy has an area of the pitch and a relatively small range of in game decisions to make (at wing back it is a loop of “stay or go” calls). In his previous, more roaming roles it was very very difficult to define what his job was. He’d be roaming around in a number 10 type position then rock up at fullback and sometimes be behind the centre halves or picking the ball up in that”quarter back” type position.

That’s an infinite amount of decisions and permeatations to load onto a fourth division player.

Flynn has noticeably left out certain players even when you might have thought they would play. Leak and Menayese spring to mind but also Kiernan. Perry has not really had a look in either.

Ward will go (or have a coaching role) and I suspect Miller will go back. Daniels looks worth keeping and Shade too, if Leicester are willing. Osadebe will stay, I think. Despite his many detractors, he does tend to be at the heart of our neat passing moves and can trouble defenders. I wonder if we will get any bids for Kinsella?

The players have turned out to be a decent squad after all. If only Taylor had not been so obsessed with one up front…

Sure Shade is out of contract mate so will be available

The key for me has been moving Wilkinson central and playing him with Miller. He gets on the ball far more and given that he has a strike partner, it doesn’t matter that he comes deeper because we’ve still got that focal point.

We can also afford to play the more defensive trio of Labadie, Kinsella and Earing and leave them to do what they are good at, rather than put the onus on one of them to be a creator.


Best finisher at the club by some distance too. Watch the warm up. For other parts of our attacking unit, finishing looks difficult. Where’s Wilkinson strokes the ball effortlessly into the corners. Noticeable when we got the pen at home to Tranmere too. Miller originally picked the ball up. It was quickly taken from him and given to Wilkinson. The players knew.


The point about moving Wilkinson central is a fair one. The difference in his attitude since Taylor got the sack is huge though. He actually looks like he wants to be playing for Walsall now. When Taylor played him central (all be it as a lone striker) he had a little moan about it. The difference in his body language now is so significant.

A few words about Miller. I hope we can sign him, I really do. He has limitations, his first touch isn’t great and he is far from lethal in front of goal. He has still notched his fair share of goals though considering the thankless task he was given chasing aimless balls for a large part of the season. I feel with Wilkinson, Miller and Rodney there is a good potential 35-40 goals there. I also like the way Wilkinson and Miller press from the front. Miller now not wasting energy chasing the long balls is using it more effectively closing down defenders, and even Wilkinson is doing the press well.


He’s too selfish. Theres at least 5 goals he’s cost us this season by not passing. Ive not seen enough of Rodney to know if he is the answer, but Id give him game time over Miller.

Some people are moaning that Miller isn’t happy when he gets subbed off. I love the fact that he’s pissed off at being subbed. I’d hate to have a player who was happy to be subbed.


This is a good point. As long as the morale in the group is maintained, let him be pssed off. Let players be pssed off with others when they don’t do their job. This is all normal in a successful team.

Miller’s Barnsley contract is up at the end of the season. Even if they do go down and want to retain him, there’s been nothing from him to suggest he isn’t going to escape his time there at the first opportunity.

I think Miller would be a great addition but I’m assuming he’d swallow up 2 other salaries potentially

Wonder if we did that with Wilko and Ladabie to an extent then had to bad it out

Getting another gk on loan is a must a good quality one. I’d like to think Flynn can attract quality loanees to get us going

I’d like to hope that we are in for Miller, and I think we are, but you never know what Flynn is thinking either. He’s not a Flynn signing and may feel that there is someone better out there, probably from players he’s previously worked with. Historically he likes a big target man in the squad too, so it’s also a case of could he keep Rodney, Miller, Wilkinson plus another all happy and would he be able to justify having four first team strikers in the squad?

If the offer was on the table for Miller, he should be thinking that he’s scored a decent amount of goals in a very poor side and now that the regime has changed he’s getting more chances. If we played like this all season would he be closer to twenty goals? I think he would


Or is he playing better because the position suits him, he is enjoying the football more and likes how the manager operates better?

I’ve only seen him in the flesh a few times but Wilkinson strikes the ball in a way that most players at this level can’t. Don’t think we’ve had any one like that since Oztumer. Taylor clearly had no idea what to do with him.

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You’re right. It is timing. Like the most graceful of golfers who seem to put little effort in and yet hit the ball a mile. His whole outlook is a bit like Mark Williams the snooker player. Huge talent who makes it look easy but equally sometimes doesn’t look that arsed either. Though since Flynn rocked up those “not arsed” days seem over. Hope so anyway.

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The bastards :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


With you on that Belph! Whatever I try, I can’t hit the ball a mile, but I love watching the likes of Fred Couples and Louis Oosthuizen swing the golf club!

Better stop all this off-topic golf chat before I get told off again!:wink: