Those Less Privileged

Not sure if it should be on here or SOT but has anyone else seen this?

Now I know there are several people on here who already do a hell of a lot in terms of fundraising and volunteering for families in need and other good causes, but I was wondering if there was something that one or more of the supporters organisations could do, perhaps in collaboration with the club, with respect to kids like Joe around Walsall who want to come and watch games but they just can’t afford to?

I know we do Friends for a Fiver and free tickets to schools now and again, but is there anything else we could be doing?

Pretty sure ‘Joe’ is a wind-up, but if something good comes out of it then it’s had a surprising upside!


That’s the thing - real or not it highlights a real situation right across the country. We can’t fix that but we might be able to do a little bit of good.

A fair few supporters groups collect food now and distribute it e.g. Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

I know the Supporters Trust collect food when they do toy collection and ISSA did a lot during height of pandemic - perhaps it’s something we could arrange on a match by match basis?

What’s your thoughts @Dhforever and @Blazing_Saddler - collection at Railway Club, then passed onto one of the local foodbanks? I’d be happy to help as done similar at work.

Fkin heart breaking in this day and age if true :pensive:

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Not objecting to doing something along those lines too, but was more coming at it from getting youngsters/families who can’t afford it along to the odd game.


Someone will come along and say haven’t they suffered enough :wink:


Exactly this.

Would be more than happy to pay for a couple of tickets for a youngster and parents who can’t afford it to come to any home game.

Anyone knows anyone struggling feel free to point them in my direction and I’d happily sort them out


It would be great but playing devil’s advocate, how do you decide who is deserving of a free ticket and who isn’t?

Same here

As you have started it @AndyWTaylor set something up where we can transfer some money to an account to pay for disadvantaged fans to go to a match :wink:


I was hoping that if something was done in association with the club that they might give free tickets and the fans organisations sort out logistics of getting them there and back, volunteers to chaperone, and giving them a bit of a treat.

Donations perhaps but I don’t think it would need all that much.


That did cross my mind. Link up with social services, schools, other support organisations?

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I saw this. Thought it was absolutely brilliant, the fact that Swindon want to track the little lad down and Dale Vince offering to pay for him to be a mascot for Swindon. It just goes to show that there are still some decent people within the human race.


Just when life couldn’t get worse you get given a free ticket for Walsall….

Only joking. Is an excellent idea.


Kids up to 12 get free admission already, my grandson as a season ticket for free

Slightly off topic. The story that broke my heart was the guy that used to drink in the Saddlers Club after games. I presume he had Downs Syndrome. Suddenly he stopped going in the club. He was always accompanied by an older fella that I presumed was his dad. Apparently the older chap was a carer who had agreed to accompany the guy to games but when he retired there was no one else able to take him :sleepy:


Then maybe we sponsor the up front cost of these and the kids get cash back for attending?

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Are we still doing that? I know we did do but not sure if it it’s something that we’ve carried on doing. And wasn’t it for 12-18 year olds anyway?

Think that what @clawtheolder is referring to is under 12s get in free if accompanied by a paying adult (1-to-1?) The adult needs to be able to afford their own ticket though - and we’re talking about disadvantaged kids where that would be unlikely.

Maybe STs and or longer term arrangements can be an eventual aim, I was thinking a bit more modest with the odd designated game to start with.

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No issue with this whatsoever mate
We already have an established. Link with. The outreach. Organisation

And Issa only to happy to help out with this going forwards


Brilliant - let’s meet up and discuss.