Thoughts please

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Retro top

Just gauging people’s honest oppinion, , we can get this made in the. Original. Silky material as first time round

Now you have to be a certain age. To remember this kit, and if you are who will ever forget the likes of mower, caswell , preece , Shakespeare, And. Rees. strutting there stuff at Highbury and anfield

This is our take on another iconic kit, We could also add. An old style badge. If wished

Thoughts from you all please, would you be interested. And would you add a badge or leave as it is pictured,

Just looking at this shirt instantly brings back fantastic. Memories

This is not a replica obviously but our take. On a classic with an added twist

All feedback welcomed be it positive or negative, as we wish you the fans to have an input into what we make available in the Issa online shop

I have an original red Deeley’s Casting top. I like this take on it. I think it needs the badge from that era on it.

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