Three Home Games

We now have got three home games, ok I know one is in the Micky Mouse Cup but what an opportunity to kick on.
Gaffney and Adebayo have got a goal under their belt, Gordon must score soon and Lavery is back.
Come mid November and things could look a lot brighter. You gotta have hope !!


A good performance and a win against Darlington is crucial… Just to give us all a bit hope that things will get better. And a cup run would be massive for the team and supporters morale.

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A team that has lost 6 games in a row, can’t conceed less than 2 or score more than 1,having its worst ever run at this level of football against a team that has gone seven games unbeaten, keeping 3 successive clean-sheets with an on-loan keeper that the fans are looking to club together to sign in time to face us…what could possibly go wrong? :poop:


I don’t think it makes any difference whether they are 3 home or 3 away games the way we are playing,in my opinion,DC has got to stop tinkering with the damned team ever single game,it can only serve to confuse and dismay players and fans alike.While I’m at it,this stupid policy of not telling the fans what injuries players are suffering from and how long they will be out for,can only serve to alienate the fans,we like to be able to see who will be back soon and who won’t,and I really don’t think other managers give a flying ■■■■ anyway.The way DC tinkers with the team every week no one can predict what the team will be anyway .


I agree with your point on the lack of communication on injuries.

In fact we disclose very little these days, whether it is transfer fees or injury status. Apparently these things being in the public domain create an advantage for the competition.

Our current success no doubt owes much to this. Bravo to all concerned.


Kick on from what exactly?

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Mr Chairman said earlier this season that there will be more communication with the fans. It seems to be that Mr Manager is not prepared to communicate anything with the fans, especially injuries. Who is in charge and makes the rules?
God only knows but we deserve to know basics as we are paying their wages indirectly or maybe directly and get told sweet FA !!