Ticket available: Sutton away

Hi all,

I have an adult ticket for Sutton away that is no longer needed.

Would anyone like to buy it?

I will post it first class if so.

Thanks in advance.


Just remember we are on strike again Thursday and they’re still playing catch up from last week.

Up the revolution! Thanks Rob

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Also, the train drivers etc are striking again Saturday

Well I hope they all get what they want. Maybe they can all bring their work practices into the 21st century,or do they want a rise equal to inflation and keep their work practices back in the 20th century?

Thanks God for that, don’t think I could face Sutton away again, especially not the way we are playing

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Please tell me what your understanding is of what postal workers want.

It’s engineering works from Stafford-Rugby this time so trent valley line is knackered.

I’d like to venture down to Sutton in the future as it’s a decent part of London but nearly 30 quid a ticket is ridiculous for bottom end league 2 in these times.

Edit: Thought it was 2 quid increase on day of game, actually not for once.

I’m sure it’s the same as any strike,more money and less work. The problem with the postal workers is the royal mail (unlike the rail workers) has so much competition who have more modern working practices. By that I mean sadly zero hours contracts etc, whereas the postal workers have hundreds of years of tradition which is losing £1m per day.

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Are you sure? Says there’s a 2 quid increase here.