Ticket proxy needed

The club site isn’t great for foreign fans. Need a UK address, and mobile, to register, then when you try to buy a ticket you need a UK credit card.

So despite my best efforts I can’t simply buy a ticket!

Anyone fancy a ‘plus one’? I’m good for the money (cash on day or PayPal), but the club don’t want it.

When are you wanting a ticket for? Which game?

Doncaster - last day.

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If struggling I can pick you one up. Collect ftom railway pre match

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Thanks, Olly. I’ll DM if needed.

I’ll get it. This week
Do you want it in the lower. Middle or upper. Tier

FFS. This has tipped me over the edge. OK … pushes apathy aside … I have just had a look on Trainline and there appear to be trains from Wigan…but yes it’s our trains. I would strongly advise you arrange with someone who doesn’t rely on our :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: trains. Hope to stumble into at some point on the day fella :+1:

Thanks @Dhforever for your offer, and @Belgiansaddler for your aside. Sorted for a ticket thanks to @AndyWTaylor.

See some of you on the day!


Mate, I have a season ticket im not going to use as I’m working. You’re more than welcome to it

The tickets on the website are showing as full price rather than a fiver!

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That’s a bit of a shambles if that’s the case mate and needs sorting asap.We collected ours from the ticket office before the Salford game and they are indeed five good British pounds.

Yep, I got to checkout for a full price ticket before the club website decided it didn’t like my overseas credit card.

Smells like false advertising. Maybe the discount is applied at checkout though. I couldn’t get that far… perhaps the club could be clear on this, or is that expecting someone to actually think about the fans?

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In the announcement on the OS it does say

Your support this season, both home and away, has been exceptional and we as a club would like to thank you all for your continued support by offering discounted rates for our final fixture in Sky Bet League Two.

and later

Supporters with any booking history from this season can purchase tickets

So maybe it isn’t a universal offer and if you aren’t logged in under an account with a booking history you have to pay full price? :thinking:

Whatever, if you phone the ticket office rather than use the eTicketing site you can still get the option of physical (mail/collect) or eTicket (that they will e-mail you), don’t have to pay the online booking fee (£1.25 per ticket), and they might even be able to accept an overseas card.

That’s what I did. Over the phone I explained that even though previously I had booked without problem using the same credit card, this time it would not except my card and multiple others. It also did not offer the £5 deal. The lady I talked to was very understanding and the transaction was done over the phone for £5 and she emailed me the ticket.


The ticket office staff are brilliant. Always helpful in sorting any issues I’ve had and they are a credit to the Club and seem to bend over backwards to help fans.


I’ve just logged in and ‘fiver finale’ is an option at the bottom of the list


I always find them very good too as I’m not living very near these days to the ground.

Agree 100% mate. Ticket manageress Liz is first class and so are the others.


She certainly is - we’re on first name terms now and always have a bit of banter when I ring for tickets (you don’t get that on the robdog eTicketing! :grin:)

She and her team went out of their way earlier in the season to help my dad get sorted when his seat in the Lower got too much for him and he was on the point of giving up going to games.

Her predecessor Laura was also brilliant.