Ticket Sales

Just been on phone too Ticket office buying some tickets…

Just over 1k WFC fans brought tickets so far for Saturday with OUFC selling over 1200!

Vale is around the 250 mark

Xmas is here but i fear most people still have no faith in the football they see and the experience they get at our place …

Such a shame.

Think we’ve give Oxford around 1500 which they’ll sell out as they can pay on the day too

Surprised we haven’t sold more for Vale with the numbers we usually take there and took to Crewe earlier on in the season which is a similar distance but I suppose a mix of ■■■■ football since then, 4 home games on the spin and Christmas just around the corner is the reason for that

Not surprised about Saturdays game. I’m sure we’ll sell more on the day and tomorrow. I ain’t bothered yet, but I’ll get it Saturday morning before the pub. I’m sure there will be more doing the same.

Really disappointed about Vale though. Maybe payday tomorrow will spark a bit of a rise in Vale sales.

Not surprised as we’ll probably get pumped on Saturday, but you never know do ya.

I actually think our attendances have been good this season, but i cant see them lasting if we keep serving up tat. The number for Vale is very disappointing, but to be expected.

That speaks volumes for the way the big clubs have devalued the FA cup,the way the wave of enthusiasm since DC and LP took over has turned into a ripple,and of course Christmas is upon us once again,add all three together and that’s still the worst I’ve ever known…:astonished:

People just Wont pay to watch us get pumped by Oxford.

It really is that simple.


Yeah, think we’ll get around 750 for Vale. There’s a group of six of us going who haven’t bought yet. I think we traditionally have a lot of pay on the days for away games.

Why are FaC awaydays more attractive than home games? You see this everywhere, big away following and a poor home turnout. Im sure if the fixture was reversed we would be taking 1k plus to Oxford.

Vale sales will just rocket up. If we do not take at least 500 it will be a poor do. I will be there.

Nobody will buy tickets in advance as there is no advantage in doing so.

Butters, with St holders that crowd is already 4700 or so. Keep the faith!

Season tickets are not valid for cup games, therefore will not be counted in the attendance.


Correct, Hense why i said we had only sold just over 1k

Possibly be 3k there maybe just over with half from both clubs id guess

331 sold so far for Saturday. The following we take is going to be acceptable considering…

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Yep. Should hit 500 now, which is acceptable given the circumstances.