Tinpot FC

We’ve all seen the images of burnt sausage rolls etc. but this has got to be the best yet… What are your

We are non-league. A tinpot club, run by amateurs.

Sack the board.


Couldn’t make it up could u

I had to check it wasn’t a joke :joy:

This must be ideal brand exposure for Homeserve…

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Let’s hope they are not connected to the urinals

If they are, they wouldn’t be the only thing at Bescot that take the piss.


Dont Homserve fix leaks? Clever advertising I reckon.

I’m assuming these have appeared recently?

Definitely something to bring up at the next WPM.

They have had problems. With water leakage / damage. For some time mate, In that stand ,

That’s how the original besot bar was so. damaged. . But. The quotes they have had to repair it We are told are huge and beyond club. At the min

I can’t believe. That Home serve being a major sponsor of the club. Could not help out here.

Again this shows. How we as fans are treated.

I will raise the issue on Monday at the wpm


Always the same with us, water was leaking in the toilets in homeserve stand again last note floor soaked and no hot water.

It’s the basics again that just let us down.


The drips in the boardroom are far worse.


Can’t our resident construction expert Mr Gilman suggest a remedy?

It’s ridiculous isn’t it?

We’re continually told the likes of Gilman are on the board for their expertise in business. His company built the sodding ground. We have another guy on the board who’s company installed the scoreboard. So why is the ground still beset with problems and the scoreboard knackered for months on end?

The Saddlers Club needs renovation yet the board member with construction expertise is as much use as a chocolate teapot. And then we’re sponsored by Homeserve FFS yet have continual problems with leaks and toilets overflowing.

The stadium is sponsored by Banks’s yet they can’t get the temperature of a pint right. I definitely enjoyed my pint of freezing cold mild last night. :roll_eyes: Bad enough any other time let alone when it’s a cold Tuesday night FFS. And we still have times we run out of beer.

What’s the point of all these connections if they mean f*** all? :roll_eyes:

I also noticed the game on Saturday was sponsored by Acorns. Having done the charity walk a few months back I regularly follow their social media channels. Have a look at Acorns Twitter account. The only mention of Walsall FC is a few re-tweets of us giving them our match sponsorship. Contrast that to all the Worcester Warriors and Villa tweets on there where there seems to be far more interaction from their clubs to the charity. I suspect at Walsall we just throw them a sponsorship every now and then and give ourselves a pat on the back.


There’s a fan doing a 92 ground challenge for charity

His Bescot experience is just about what’s posted on here

Unless you’re in the Lounge or the Boxes your match day experience is not valued


Careful mentioning that Steve there are a few on here who don’t like the irony of Homeserve being our sponsor and the problems at our tinpot ground being linked

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Top blokes!! Dunno what everyone’s problem is

How much more??

Beat me to it.I thought I was in then with the drips in the boardroom pun post until I came across yours as I was scrolling Jumbo. I was getting more excited the further I got down the thread then boom there it was talk about taking the limelight :fu:t2:Have that from me :wink:

I was surprised nobody had made it. Our fans are normally quicker than that. :grin:

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Me too mate as said I got so far down thinking wow I’m in here then there you were good old jumbo :joy: just for the record if I’d have been on the site earlier you wouldn’t have stood a chance :wink:

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Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to a run a bloody gutter underneath those pipes?! Sometimes you wonder if they do it deliberately!

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