Title winning shirt brought back to life

Independent saddlers supporters. Association

Cast your minds back to a red hot afternoon on. The. 5th may. 2007

When Dean keates hit a 92nd. Minute equaliser to clinch the title

Who remembers the shirt we wore. ?

It was a shirt that was never released for general sale. It was only made for the players for that final game of the season

But Issa are bringing it back to life in celebration of that fantastic day and it will be available to pre order over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled

It will contain. An embroidered. Tribute to the. Occasion. And will
Contain the. Wording

Division two champions
06 / 07.

It will also feature a fully woven club crest and. Front of chest advertising as per the origonal

Below is mock up of how the finished item will. Look

There’s not many who will have this shirt in there collection

I was lucky enough to have. The. Match wining shirt in my possession for a while. Before. Josh piddock. Brought it during one of our fundRaisers ,

and I’ve always wanted to bring this one back to life and I’m sure there’s many who will also look forward to be able to purchase. Our version of a very special shirt