Today at the club

I took my two lads to the training session earlier today and JB pulled up in his car and went into the ground. Mole and Gamble were also present but didn’t see much of them at the open session. Is it usual for JB to show up for day to day running of the club or something else going on behind closed doors?

It’s the first of the month, he’d popped in to get his rent cheque.


Nothing to read into this

I was also there and the camaraderie between players, supporters and officials was a joy to behold.
It was a great day for all of the kids who had there autograph books signed and photos took with their heroes, well done to all concerned…UTS.



It was nice for the kids I just felt like it didn’t have the usual shine that the last three have. Access to the gym area and prize draws etc felt rushed

Why would you want to go and see the gym ? It was a beautiful sunny summer day with all of the players and staff on the pitch and then mingling with all the kids, the picture on some of the kids faces were fantastic…but you want to go and see 4 breeze block walls with some dumb bells and such in there !

You mean Bonser, Mole and Gamble went in the gym?

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Jeff is there and down at the training ground most days.

That he doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the club is a complete fallacy. He fell in love with the club in pretty much the same way as the rest of us and takes his part in running it seriously.

You’ll never find anybody who has worked on the management side of the club ever doubting his passion for the place. Whether that be legends like Sir Ray or complete numskulls like Merson.

The big problem with him isn’t that he doesn’t care, it is his complete and utter stubbornness and belief in the narrative he has built around his stewardship of the place. Saviour of the club, Pension Fund as safe and sound financial vehicle blah blah blah blah, never taken a wage, interest free loans blah blah blah. He is genuinely perplexed by the negativity we have about him. “If it wasn’t for me” this “the Pension Fund enables” that. “Who else was there/is there?”.

The problems down there are mainly to be squared at his door in my opinion. But when the argument begins with “he doesn’t care” it becomes immediately devalued.


different experience for the young kids! I know my two enjoyed seeing inside there last time.

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Thank you that was all I wanted to know if it was normal practice for him to be around during the week or if there was a special reason for him being there.

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I agree with all of that PT…I would also add that it is time he recognised that it is time to move on.

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Interesting.What you seem to be saying is that he’s mad rather than bad. Genuinely deluded about his value to the organisation he once was saviour of. Almost like an Ortega or Mugabe, thinking his people still need him when he became a liability years before. To me that would be around 03/04, or possibly later in that decade( I know that puts it later than some would.)

Trouble is, it makes his leaving less likely. He’s not going to take the money and run, as he might if it was just greed.

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I wouldn’t go as far as mad, but certainly deluded insofar as he absolutely believes his story is the story and all other versions are generated from ignorance, financial/business cloud cuckoo land or jealousy.

This is far from the picture of malevolent evil Bond villain stroking his cat in his Cypriot underground lair that some would paint. He’s just a hard working bloke who won’t have it that the way he runs his business might be fatally flawed. By most modern indices of success in modern life he’s smashed it so by his calibration makes his opinion more valid. Us lot just don’t get it.

So insults will frustrate him rather than hurt him. Whalley always reckoned he deserved a statue and he kind of gave himself one by naming the Suite after himself. If they can see it, he will wonder why the rest of us just don’t take their word. Maybe the statue will come to remind us!!

As he ages his legacy will potentially become more important to him. Rather than just calling him names, I’d prefer to evoke the spirit of H.L. Fellows. A chap who’s benevolence in gifting the old ground to the people of Walsall meant that he achieved immortality in the eyes of Walsall fans.

Immortality Jeff I tell ya.


So an appeal to his vanity might work better than reason,or at least appeal to anothern aspect of his reasoning. Flatter him.Tell him he’s not getting any younger, and he needs to secure his legacy, not let his achievements die with him. Do it now, and he can witness his legacy in action. Bonser Stadium, rather than suite?

Worth a go. Nothing else has worked. Who would he listen to who might want to put it to him? (Assuming no one has already.)


His bunker mentality won’t permit that. Every time anyone talks to him all he does is give his side of the story. He never listens. He never learns.

Do we know it’s been put to him in this way? What would be the downside to trying/having another go?

What has he got to learn? Dont kid yourself Exile, he knows exactly what he is doing and doesnt need to listen to anyone.
He has done and continues to do very well out of his cash cow thank you very much.
From the very first day he recognised what a opportunity it was and quickly realised it was there for the taking.
He then simply put it together and tied everyone and everything up like kippers and has culminated in where we are today.
Our No.1 fan who through his eyes see`s everything as a money opportunity:moneybag:, and to him has got nothing to learn at all.

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I’m fully expecting Walsall FC to be the sole beneficiary in Boner’s will when he eventually leaves this mortal realm at the age of 1888.