Today’s meeting with Issa and club

Independent saddlers supporters association.

Ref direct debit. / standing order scheme

Issa today had a great meeting with the club where the nuts and bolts of the above scheme where discussed

We are now awaiting the club to furnish us with a dedicated. Account number and. Sort code. Which Alex from wfc. is. Hopefully going to sort ASAP

Once sorted fans will be able to set up a direct debit/ standing order Starting from as little as a pound With no upper limit

We have many pledges from fans wishing to do this long term
With pledges ranging from. £1. To in excess of £100. Per month
You can also use same set. Of numbers to make. One of donations of any amount wished, And. An Issa committee member has pledged the first £200. To get it up and running. Alongside his monthly direct debit , So please. If you can commit to this please do so. If only our season ticket holders. Committed to a pound per week it would generate a minimum of 8k per month

As soon as I have the nominated account details we will put them out

Issa then brought two ideas to table that. Club are very interested in implementing and could easily. Within a week. Raise in excess off. 30 k after costs. for club if season ticket holders. Thought it was a good idea and brought into it

The idea was as follows. Any season ticket holder if. Interested would make a one of payment of £20. To club, In return. There allocated seat. Would then have a. Vinyl sticker attached to the back of it. With a short inscription, For example mine would say.
Dave. ( Olly ) Beckett Dh forever. Each fan could specify there own inscription. ( non abusive lol. ). They wanted on there seats
I know people will say but we can’t use them, But this situation will end at some point and your. Seat and chosen inscription will be waiting for you when it does but that immediate cash. Injection of 30 k. Would be a massive lifeline to club.

We also asked if a memory seat section could be created in a section of the ground where no season ticket seats. Where present, Of which any fan could have a seat. Dedicated to a loved one who had passed. Etc, Again paying a one off £20 to do so. Not only would this be a chance to honour and remember a lost loved one. But again financially aid club, Again I’d immediately take two seats in memory of my father and brother in law ad I’m sure there’s many others this would appeal to

Alongside many ex players who have been in touch offering me there help we are going to hold a football match. That will, feature. Many ex saddlers at the railway club. ,playing against. A West Midlands all stars. Team. the size of the outside football venue has already been accessed and. Could accommodate. Over 200 fans to watch the game at £5 each. So 1 k raised there. , straight away

We would then on the night have an after game VIP ticket only event. Where one hundred. Tickets priced at £25. Would be sold
We have to restrict it to 100 as that is the. Maximum railway could hold. Whilst having six to a table snd meeting all, current vivid guidelines. But obviously this could be subject to change. 2.5 k
In ticket sales. The night would. Consist of a question and answer session.with the ex saddlers. Who had. Taken part in the game earlier. There would also be an auction and. Raffle. On the night. So can easily see. 5k being raised.

The planning for the game above is well under way. And I’d thank the ex players who are on board with this for there offers of help.
There are dome huge ex saddler greats. Committed to this
And we be seeking commercial sponsorship. For each saddler involved. From local businesses and our commercial partners if they are able to do so. And every penny raised will go to Walsall football club. From this event. One which Walsall football club will. Will support in any way they can

The above are just a few things. Issa are planning and actively working on at this point in time , in order to help club get through this situation. The best we can. , But as always. We can’t do it without. you the fans help. , but together we can and will make a difference. Our club needs us more. Than ever

We thankWalsall football club. For giving us the opportunity to sit. down and put forward our proposals. And it seems they are keen. To see them implemented And Issa will continue to work hand in hand with club And invite other fan groups to be part of. Our ideas. If they wish to so,

So for now keep an eye out for those bank details which will be put out there ASAP. As will. Details of our planned. Football match. And ex player evening


Thanks for the update and good luck with all of the fundraising schemes.

On the DD scheme, how will you know how much is being raised each month? Are we expecting the Club to be transparent about it? Or are you/we not going to know?

Club will tell us mate, Of monthly income

They wanted all,money to go via Issa account. And then forward onto. club with Issa putting out a monthly total of what was being forwarded to club,

But being honest mate Issa did not want it to operate this way. Reason being even tho few and far between there are a few. Who are quite vindictive towards Issa , and this. Is all about helping Walsall fc. And we felt it was only right everything went direct to club and not via Issa.

But having said that if fans did indeed wish it to be totally under Issa control we would look at it again, But it would. Entail us setting up another. Bank account. Purely for the running of this scheme.
It could not go into our current. Bank account for obvious reasons as we use that for the running of our own associations accounts and day to day banking activities

Mate running a monthly DD will see a lot of admin created for you, I.e monthly notifications to all payees.

Guessing a standing order may be the better option .