Today’s WPM with LP - 30/3/21

I’ll summarise here, the minutes should be out by Friday, barring any disasters.

DM, SG, LP and GW were there for the club
Myself (RH) and Chris (CS) were on Zoom on behalf of WSA.

Nobody else attended.

In the main, myself and Chris had the floor and LP answered all questions put to him. DM and SG didn’t say much at all.

LP was asked given his comments on BD on 15th March, why is he still employed. Basic answer is that BD is very aware of what is expected and Friday and Monday are crucial. He rated BD as a coach, evidenced by the bringing through of Sam Perry and Tom Leak under his coaching, and two or three others are on the verge of first team. Rates his loyalty and hopes it works out for him, but as mentioned he is under no illusion as to how big the next two games are for him, the team, everyone. Will make change when it’s called for. Not afraid to do it and has plans if needed. More explanation in the minutes.

BD did have the chance to leave the club on a multi-year contract when DC left - LP not sure who the contract was offered by, probably Vale but couldn’t promise. Either way he chose to stay with us.

DOF role - have stopped application process, had over 100 applications. Interview process finishing on Thursday, 11 interviewee by then, hopeful an offer can be made this weekend. Some of the candidates would be instantly recognisable by name. Some are free, some are contracted elsewhere.

BD comments about keeping the wolves at bay could have been worded differently, and probably should have been. LP understood what he meant by them in terms of Grimsby not making ground, but given Southend made up 2 points he could have phrased what he meant better.

BD has been given the opportunity to find an experienced coach to help him during his tenure, couldn’t find one. Tough given time of season and most are contracted.

Social Media discontent - we didn’t specify players - LP has seen none of it and doesn’t intend to manage things that way.

Asked about whether we are doing what the Colchester chairman has said his club are doing. Simple answer is yes in many ways, minutes should go into more detail. Pandemic has been disastrous, but money has been allocated to keep the club in a better position to come out of this quicker than those who have borrowed money they cannot afford.

LP is happy to release a 3-5 year plan - has been working on a strategic plan this week.

ST details released in due course when 100% confirmation about capacity / limited capacity. Pricing for L2 is there, hasn’t entertained National League pricing. Stated he is not / we are not going there.

Virtual Fans Forum - Potential for April / May, Details on how to ‘attend’ and submit questions will be put up beforehand. Tom Heslop to read questions. DM says they will not filter questions or take those that fans would say are ‘difficult’ out. Has always said they will answer as well as they can. Might not like it but will always answer.

BD and DC do not live together. 100% fact.

@chriss5471 might want to add stuff, but that’s most.

LP was very open, very honest and it was a good, sometimes tough, conversation but well worth the time spent.

He loves the club, he is committed to getting us back to where we need to be and he knows it’s not been good enough this season.


Unfortunately for certain people on here, there were no hot beverages or foodstuffs consumed.


Nice one Rob. Once again, LP comes across with honesty and integrity. Looking forward to hearing about the 5 year plan :+1:


I’d like to add that albeit not made by the club due to the virtual nature of the meeting, I can confirm I did have a hot beverage for the duration. Other than that Rob has summed up well.


It wasn’t seen on camera. You hid it well.

One thing I forgot to add is that Rory Holden trained today. Should be back soon, not sure about Friday.


Thanks Rob…over 100 applications and 11 being interviewed for DoF job . Not bad for a club that some think is unattractive and on its knees!!! Lets hope they make the right appointment though …sometimes too many candidates is not such a good thing :wink:


90 of em was probably from Broadmoor :laughing: :wink:
Joking aside it looks like we are still a draw for people in the football game :open_mouth: maybe they see us as a MASSIVE challenge.
And if they can make it at little old Walsall :wink:


To be fair they’ve interviewed 11% of them, which is the usual in recruitment typically.

He said that some of the names would be instantly recognisable and possibly surprising to fans. A bigger name may not get the job, all about the interviews, not name.


I might add that LP has told prospective DOF’s that they need to be part of a team that has us challenging the top areas of League One in 3 years

Also, LP said there is fight in this team, and referenced James Clarke on Saturday who pretty much played most of the game with a broken nose.

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To be fair that is commitment

Depends who broke it :rofl:


I reckon it was Grimsby’s Coke.

Great commitment having a broken nose after coming into contact with Coke is nothing to be sniffed at!


​So fast? No, I like there is some strategy, but as usual, all those pesky details will decide. I only hope DoF will be good at his work.​

Fascinating that some ‘big’ names have gone for DoF.
Maybe there’s some life in the old dog yet. Though if we do sign someone who ‘interviews well’ who no ones ever heard of guess we will never know if the big names are true. Exciting though!
Wonder if pomletts words to Dutton about winning will make his line ups and style of play different

I have it on good authority that these are the big names LP was referring to.

  • Stelios Giannokopoulos.
  • Jakub Błaszczykowski.
  • Sotiris Papagiannopoulos.
  • Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink.
  • Sokratis Papastathopoulos.
  • Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham.

“BD and DC do not live together - 100%”.

Interesting! I thought they shared digs. DC probably now has a mansion in Burslem!!

Some interesting stuff there at least hes talking to us and being honest which is more than we have had in the past lets see what happens in the next few weeks and months if they put things right and show some ambition then i think we will all be happier.

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Translation: it’s a feral cesspit and we ain’t going there!


They could only offer cold drinks? More cut backs, proof that Bonser really is still pulling the strings :rage: