Passed the about nice played some decent football BUT lost the ball in crucial areas, didnt look clinical, didnt look like a threat going forward and look ambitious less. Gordon for lavrey was a bad move in my eyes, Ada couldnt finnish his dinner, Its all work in progress boys but ffs were nearly in the relegation. And if we think a loan from salford is the way too go were gunna have a long old season. FFS when will we see summat too make us all proud

As nobody else is asking the question I will.
Where’s the money gone?
150k for Cook
250-300k Dobson
50k Ferrier

Most of the dross we have signed can’t be on anymore than £500 per week.
Over to you Mr. Pomlett.

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Maybe Bonser took it as part of the deal as they were “his” players or Pomlett used it to pay for the club.
Maybe it will be explained in due course?

Lavery looked totally spent when he came off, I think it was a forced change.

As Gordon is a known quantity (I.e. couldn’t score in a brothel and a headless chicken) I just wish Candlin or some other youths are given a run out in a sod all to loose match like today.


Some of the actual down on the field and play we done is brilliant its just at that final quarter no one seems too wanna take that shot or take that risk and we go back again or do a silly ball, Deffo some good signs there, and can take a couple positives but least be real our goals tell us everything about it right now, Gaffney the ansewer? I dont think so but im not a manager so well have too trust DC and hope and pray his skills and knowledge will shine thru! but its goto change soon because other wise before we know it well be a long way from anything notable and with how tough this league gunna be its could be a very long hard season. We carry on tho lets see a bit of gaffney on tuesday and lets try again even if that cup is ■■■■!

I don’t care if I’m shouted down. I cannot see that me Pomletts Wages and Transfer budget is bigger than Bonsers was or would have been. It seems a lot smaller. Good luck to the chairman. Hope he does well. But that’s my observation

The paranoid in me has wondered all along if Jeff has really gone, and it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

Yes I’ve thought the same

I did too tbh

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Fook around with the ball in midfield. Go fooking nowhere, never hit the box. Pointless ■■■■.

Nothing is ever quite as it appears at WFC.
There is definitely something not quite right about this takeover.


It’s not smoke and mirrors. All of the relevant documentation can be sourced easily, for free, on Companies House.


Are you both suggesting that bonzo is still pulling the strings ? and it only LOOKS like LP has taken over? so that the fans will start getting onside again and quelle the unrest :wink:

Need Whitney back and get Ade n co on the punch bags with their tackle out everytime we lose

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Yes Chunks. This is WFC.
The next 2 days will prove this.Unless at least 3 quality signings come in on half decent wages nothing has changed. Why is that?

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Maybe no one wants to try a shot because if they miss they know our understanding fans will be down on them like a ton of bricks :roll_eyes:


I have it on good authority that Roy (the fightback begins) Whalley was still pulling the strings behind the scenes whilst Bonser was seemingly in charge, so you never know.

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